Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am down in Basingstoke for the Betfair forum game at Duffs house.

What a fanatatsic place and host Duffs and his familiy were - so firstly my appreciation to them.

Friday night entailed 10 pin bowling when i started with 3 strikes in a row early doors :) - but that was the highlight - think I came 2nd or 3rd overall of 30 odd players. Then went into town and got smashed but was home by 2am - 8 hours before some completed their night out !!!!

On to the poker at Duffs - £100 buy in and £30 rake. However, the £30 rake is great value as basically gets you all you can drink, a huge chinese feast and waiter service all night - it really is a great place. It was great to meet people who I have talked to on the forum for years but never met face to face - wont name names as met so many people.

Anyway I got hardly any hands in 1st 4 hours but just remained patient and was fortunate enough that when it got to shove poker - the ones i shoved with crap got through.

I then won a race with JJ v AQ to get chips for 1st time and got to the final table. KK held v KQ to get me right in the race and with 3 left (me, Highstack and Olly) I was clear 3rd. However, I quickly got competitive and moved to 2nd in chips. Highstacks went and I was heads up.

1st was £1300 and 2nd £900 - heads up lasted 30 minutes or so but I never really cut significantly into his chip lead and the lad had to leave for a flight to Dublin so we agreed to push all in blind.

My monster 35 looked bad v king 6 and a king on flop sealed my fate. At the airport now after about 4 hrs sleep and a lot worse for wear. I think I may struggle in the Sunday night multis and even more so at graft tomorrow.

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