Monday, January 15, 2007


Adding to the 2 final tables below I have also cashed in my next 2 multis - that's 4 in a row.

However 3 of the 4 got me profit of under £100.

Tonight i scraped into cash in 15k but then got to 11 of 17 remaining.

Possy 1 minimum raised to 2400 - each time I had seen him do this he was quite weak with 2 high cards at best - I looked down at Ace Jack and re raised all in. Not because I was necessarily in front but because I thought it would take him off hand. With his 2400, plus antes and blinds there was almost 5000 in pot to pick up for my 11k all in. However this time he had AK hence called ( as I would ) - his AK stood up and I was out 17th for $180 ( 100$ buy in ).

It probably reads like a bad move but 10th - 17th get paid the same so I like to move in this period - never mind.

Last night i played the rake the rake free roll and came 30th for $50 never really had anything going and grinded into the cash.

Had great weekend at NL and cash which turned month into small profit. Just going to grind at low limit FL this week on interpoker to pick up the mpps towards the Monte Carlo platinum club freeroll and hopefully to get to the 500$ 10000 mpp level to release that but this may prove beyond me.

Its 2nd event in dream team event on Thur so would love to make 5 cashes in row in multis as would get team plenty points :)

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