Saturday, January 13, 2007


Cash very low at moment with xmas and all - didnt even have enough on befair to play the 15k.

I had about 40 quid and needed 55 so played nl cash v disciplined for 15 mins and got entry to 15k.

Bought in and prob played one of the best games off my life - never once in behind until i made a mistake on final table. I came over top of button raise with my ace 9 he had ace jack but battled back.

I was 5th of 5 left with 20k but 3 of them only 30k when reraised someone when I had 10 10 he calls with ace 4 suited im delighted at this stage. 1st card flop is a ten - YESSSSSS im going up to 2nd here - however 2 spades and river comes a spade and doesnt fill my trips for a full house. He wins and im out in 5th - 950$ very welcome but again a bad beat at the 15k final table.

On bright side 2 final tables in 2 nights in 100+ runner tournies - bit annoyed tonight as 1st 4.5k$ and 2nd 3k$. However delighted with performance put some real nice plays in tonight.

I have used a stop and go tactic effectively the last 2 nights and I will write a piece on this in next few days.

Heres hoping i can make it 3 fin tabs in a row as the rake the rake 10k$ freeroll is on Sunday.

Might have a look later for anyone whos been in the pub too long :) - but had a few myself so need to watch out.

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