Sunday, January 14, 2007

AMERICAN FOOTBALL PAYS !!!! 200$ an hour

Had a small £40 quid bet on the American footy game that started at 1am so stayed up to watch it.

Despite saying I was going to play NL more I hadn't had much success early in Jan so hadn't played for a while.

I have £40 on Eagles +4.5 which looks like it will be close at 5-4 against.

However I played 4 hrs 2$ 5$ NL on betfair. Bought in for 250$ and played solid - just left table with 1000$ and played really well - I won a lot of pots with big bets with nothing just reading one of the very aggressive players quite well. NO massive pot just kept increasing stack so very happy as shows played well over 3 hr period.

All in all great weekend so far poker wise and what was a loss in Jan has now transformed into profit - hopefully can kick on from here.

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