Friday, January 12, 2007


There is a team event with a grand final in Londonrun by and betfair.

I have put a team together - soapstars superstars with some lads from work.

Basically you play for 20 weeks and then convert points for chips at a live event. You can have team of 8 and you take your best 4 scores.

Tonight we only had 4 runners but I made final table finishing 9th felling that i played some real good poker and earned some decant points - the down side is I played 5 hrs fro £15 profit as 50% of the prize money is taken for grand final prize.

I think this should put us mid table but I should have 6 runners next week so hopeful we can get some more points on the board.

Tonights team and performance

Me 9th Fin tab lost 10 10 v KK
Rich 61st in the points lost a race to go out AK v 66 - played a short stack well
Carl - robbed all in AK v AJ badbeat no points
Ben - all in with an overpair v 2 pair out early - ive give him 100 lines and detention ;) - Im sure he will be a valuable contributor of points for us overall.

Will update next week.

Im still on bad month poker wise and in the minus column - would be awful start to year and for resolutions if cant turn it around.

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