Saturday, January 20, 2007


Played the £12k GTD tonight and got some good beats !!!!
A few times i won pots all in from behind including hitting a 2 outer. Hover I then blew it at the final table when the prize money was huge. I was 4th of 9 left and fired 2 big bluffs in a small blind v big blind pot - the second time I bet far too much into a board Q55 which I thought was a good one to fire at when I had raised from SB and got a call (him Q ten suited). My bet size was pot leaving me crippled and I think I could have bet 1/2 the pot and still had some play left if he had called or raised. Really annoyed at my poor play but got £250 for 9th. ( but for example 375 8th 500 7th 1000 5th etc )

Disappointing week also on FL cant seem to get moving and basically Im only break even for month as my profit is basically rakeback generated. Today I find a total fish maniac playing FL 10/20 raising all the time with nothing and quickly take £400 off him. But then I multi tabled putting the 400 in 2 tables and basically lost all the profit over 3 hrs.

We played the dream team event last night and none of us did anything so no longer looking any good in that although will give it another bash next week.

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