Saturday, January 27, 2007


One Week since my horrific last post which as you know I was not proud of at all. I basically have tryed to teach myself a lesson this week.

I dropped right down to 1$ 2$ Fixed limit - mega small pots to try and teach myself discipline etc. If I won enough to be twice the minimum buy in then I moved to the next level. I have played far too many hands this week but really tryed to beat myself up by making me play hand after hand at these levels.

Anyway I was able to go from 1 2 to 2 4 after lots of grinding - I beat 2 4 quick moved to 3 6 and yesterday got enough for 5 10. Basically after 1 week off grinding I have recovered the grand I lost on tilt last Friday.

I now need to work out what level I need to play ongoing - based on this weeks exercise I am tempted to drop to 5$ 10$ as rakeback and mpp's are still quite good.

Won a nice hand at NL last night and am now back in front a very small amount in this roller coaster month.

However I am a lot down on sports betting this month ( I think my worst month in 2 years ) - down 4 figures and everything I touch gos wrong.

My midweek bet was £80 win Spurs 6-4 and £20 Spurs HT FT at 7-2- Spurs went 2 0 up early and I didn't lay off - of course final score 2 2 and I lose potential incoming funds of £290 :(

Hopefully a good weekend at poker can get me to break even for sports + poker for the month which wouldn't be too bad as I have played more poker than ever so should get 800 or so rakeback in early Feb.

Homegame at Az's tomorrow 11 players rebuys and I hope to be up there !!

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Anonymous said...

great to hear the recovery, nice grinding! takes alot to comw back from a session like that so quick, hopefully you can swell the pot in tommorows £5 rebuys, its usually me and ben, we could use another loose cannon in the rebuy stage ;-)