Saturday, January 20, 2007


Oh My -not very proud about this one.

Got 2 awful badbeats in a row at fixed limit for hundreds and then for the first time for along long time went on TILT.


Basically loaded up twice chased every draw at FL and did 4 figures in 3 hours - absolute disgrace - I want to beat my self with a big stick.

Then 2 big bets today £50 double on footy at 7-1 where 1st wins and other is 2 0 up and draws 2 2 and £100 on a horse at 5-2 that falls when in the lead.

Shocking play + bad luck not a good combo - over 4 figures down for month :(

I need a break as my head is in a mess - will update next time i play which hopefully is not for a while as my frame of mind is terrible.

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Anonymous said...

ouch thats a hard hit of a day. It definitely happens to everyone, I tilted laast month and did £500 in one 2 hr session which for my bankroll was huge. I also took a break for 10 days and came back a better player. Havent tilted since then, i dropped back down a level and started to grind again. I dont know a thing about fixed limit but from watching you play in the NL Multi Tables I think you could kill the cash games at the levels I have seen (up to $1 $2). After your break may be worth trying out at this level (or $2 $5 which I know youve also won at recently, however with your ability i think sittingf at $1 $2 with trhe maximum buy in would be smarty as you'd beat the table with time to pick your spots) as think you'll personally find the standard easy to beat. plus you could then play multiple tables comfortably