Tuesday, January 09, 2007

POCKET ACES or 7 2 !!!!

Last 2 nights I have gone out the 15k gtd with pocket aces when I have some one all in on the flop when they have top pair and each time they have hit 2 pair and knocked me out.

Tonight I lose a 5k pot with AA when I get all the chips in on Q 6 3 board v KQ and turn comes K.

Just looked at records and 5 of the last 6 times that I had pocket aces and got any caller prelop then they have been beat. This is FL, NL and tournies - the FL and NL are 4 figure beats in total :(

Just trying to console oneself saying I am getting the cash in when in front but really starting to hurt now. Im running terrible at the moment and down on the month.

Im going to enter a team in the badbeat event which starts on Thursday and runs for 20 weeks with the grand final in London - I think on current run it is aptly names so I should run well !!! :). Full details for anyone of this team event are avilable at www.badbeat.com and it is run with www.betfairpoker.com

Hopefully I can do a post in near future with some good beats on :)

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