Monday, January 29, 2007


Opened an account with dusk till dawn and I think its " golden " !!!

within 30 minutes last night I won 2 big fixed limit pots with quads v a full house and then a straight flush v a flush - 2 very nice hands and pots both with good pay.

Long may it continue. Anyway the month has been rescued in the last week since I had my blow out day and comfortably in profit now for the month at poker.

Unfortunately it is my worst ever month Sports betting where I have hit 4 figures down !!
If poker covers sports losers for month then its better than it looked at one stage. The other benefit is volume wise I have played so much this month I think I will be due almost 4 figures rakeback across Interpoker and DTD in Feb. I also have 2 freerolls in Feb - one for an EPT seat at Monte Carlo and 1 for a WSOP seat so fingers crossed in these - both are on this Sunday so I will let you know how I do.

Off on my travels in Feb to Manilla and Russia / Ukraine so will be playing a lot less.

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