Sunday, March 16, 2008


Now guarenteed a prize - 5 left but only 2 seats - other prizes are minute compared to the wsope packages. I think 500$ 800$ and 2000$ but each seat package is worth 23000$.

Currently 2nd 1000 2000 blinds

Damn just got it all in AK v A7 and a king flopped - didnt even notice river brought a straight kqjt with us both having acess that was prob a wsope seast right their as I would have 1/2 chips left in play.

Next hand aq just held v aj 4 left - i have small chip lead.

Pick up JJ in SB raise 3*BB who reraises me 3* more - he is an awesome player - I go in tank and jam as he has fold equity plus is sitting 2nd - just hope he does not have aa or kk as think he will fold qq - he folded - said big hand - will find out after what it was (just heard AJ sooted) - i now have chiplead 4 left 1 shortish.

Ok 4th just gone 3 left this is it - wish me luck - plenty poker left as all biggish stacks. Guaranteed 2k$ but what a difference 1st and 2nd to 3rd.

Just had AA standard raise no takers :( I am so nervous I think if this was live I would be a mess !!! - biggest package i ever been close to as buy in to main event is £10K unlike wsop main event which is $.

Yes we are there !!!!!!! - total set up for me to win - small blind AQ me AK on BB and it holds.

Poker million final on Laddies tomorrow - 3 seats in 3 nighs would be a nice triple crown !!!


Wildcat said...

Super stuff, vvwp and best of luck in the event :) :)

TEAMDOBB said...

wow wow wow. megga m8y top notch. jealous as hell. enjoy.

Brenos said...

Top stuff again mate, vwp :-)