Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Nights like tonight are difficult to take.

Got knocked out of 16k and a 15k rebuy when in good possys with 50 left by pathetic plays by fish losers.

In 16k I have JJ flop 10 9 4 3 clubs i bet pot he calls - Im certain he has ace clubs.

6k Pot so I bet 8k all in on turn which is a blank so he cant call. Unbelievable he calls with ace 7 off suit and hits. 2-1 for a 5-1 shot well played mate.

Rebuys even worse when some fish called allin** calls my overbet on turn and flop with 10 5 chasing a flush. Im trying not to get too mad as they prob contribute to this years profit but annoying when they hit.

Read Azimuts blog about dealing with beats and tryed to put it in practice tonight when i put nh wp. However succumbed to throwing some abuse at the fish on the other rebuy site. Still need to sort this should just close down and leave.

Hers is the mail I got today from BlueSquare - sounds like I have to gear up in a BlueSquare top - Bit of a shame as I see Betfair as my poker home but hopefully can where their gear when I qualify for WSOPE on Fri night ;) - I also really like the BS site for rebuy tournies and sats to live events and will probably play more their.

Hi Mark,

Congratulations on winning your seat into the sixth leg of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, taking place in Newcastle, July 19th – 22nd.

The package you won was valued at $2,750 (£1,368.70). £1,050 of this will be used to pay your entry into the Newcastle event. The remaining £318.70 ($640.34) will be added to your poker account today.

As there are expected to be 280 players in the event, there are two starting days on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th of July with 140 players starting on each day. You have been drawn to play on Day 1b, on Friday 20th July. Starting days cannot be altered and players cannot swap starting days with another player once it has been allocated. Play starts at 4pm and all players must be in their seats when the first hand is dealt or they will be withdrawn from the tournament.

I would also like to cordially invite you to a drinks reception for all our online qualifiers, which will be held at 2.30pm on the day your tournament starts, in the bar at the casino in Newcastle, where you will also pick up your qualifiers pack, including t-shirt and polo shirt. At this reception you will be met by me and Tour Manager Jonathan Raab as well as our colleagues Simon Woolf and Richard Bloch. Simon is our Marketing Manager and Richard is our PR Manager.

Anyone from the forum playing this event give me a shout and can have a beer or two.

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