Sunday, July 01, 2007


I just won a 79$ sat to give me a shot at the big event on Fri night.

Prob 20-30 runners so a genuine chance for a 23k package. I have an issue that I am in Germany next week and due home if everything gos OK at about start time (830) however with current security issues will be surprised if back on time so may need to look for a reserve just in case !!

Had some bad beats in Multis last night.

6k 6 shooter AA lost to AJ when 5 left to go 2nd.
4.5k gtd had a river beat heads up ( had good beat myself with 4 left and 3 left so cant complain)
The 5k eyes wide shut 6 left my 1010 lost to ace 3.

Frustrating night overall

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