Sunday, July 15, 2007


Right frustrating night overall.

Entered the 16k and chip lead after 10 mins was going quite well hence I hoped I would cash so bought in for 500$ for the 6 shooter. I chip lead the 6 shooter also but cards dryed up ad I was 4th of 4 when i pushed with top pait v an overpair and his hand held up. Frustarting as prizes for 3 only but massive 1200$ 1800$ and 3000.

Anyway back to the 16k and I make the cash but then loose a few chips and all of a sudden Im in trouble to make final table when my ace ten is busted by an all iners J 8 :(.

Anyway I need to make final table as I need a FT finish to get points i need to qualify for freeroll - I had 800 but needed 1000 so tightened up a bit and made FT. I was then v low and pushed with k 9 and called by KQ which held up and I was 8th for 400$ hence a loss over the 2 tournies which was frustrating.

I then played the 79$ sat to qualify to the Friday final 790$ WSOP which I won - but I just realised I am in the UKGPT at Newcastle next week so Im hoping I can change it to week after - else I need a runner for me in next Fridays WSOPE final !!!

Just read on forum that Deejay has been eliminated 80 something for 80K$ - well done sir great achievement - Im still well down for July - was hoping a big 16k finish or a money finish in 6 shooter was going to fix that but wasnt to be.

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