Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I never knew how to take Punterz as seemed to get into numerous spats on the forum. However one thing I always did have was massive respect for his game and I rate him very highly. If he is sat at a heads up table I would not sit down as I prefer to play when odds are in my favour and Im not sure they are v him. However, despite the spats etc I have seen some massive acts of kindness like giving people chips back when disconnected etc even in big money events.

Anyway the point of all this - I copy and paste the below story from Azimuts blog which I think is piss funny. One lad I know Carl told me about the pressure he was put on by locals to do a deal to get a Micky Mouse return aso I know where Punterz is coming from especially as he was probably best player at the table.

Latest info from Vegas. Following Punterz Caesars Palace win he took them on at Treasure Island last night. This was a smaller tourney but once again he made the final table. This time the other nine players all wanted to do a deal. Punterz refused. They were not happy and a few were going off it but he still said no way.He eventually knocked them out and got heads up with 80% of the chips in play. Most of the ones who were after a deal were still standing watching the outcome hoping he would lose. So what did he do? He offered a deal to the other guy. And of course the other guy was happy to accept a 50/50 cut.A classic piss take by Punterz. Cost him a few hundred dollars but well worth it. Love that one!

Above is copied from Azimuts blog which is a quality read - I have it linked on the right so check it out.

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