Friday, July 20, 2007

GUKPT - Out in 3.5 hrs !!

Started on same table as S Sunar and also notice Paul ActionJackson and Michael Grecco in field.


Significant hands - Note one loose player on table calling 90% flops whether raised or not- ill be referred to below as NEMESIS

1) ME Ak dis raise 500 flop 3 4 6 dis I bet 500 into 1300 he folds showing AQ hearts.
2) I raise KK flop Q82 I bet 2/3 pot he calls - turn 9 i check he bets 1k ito 1.5k pot i call not sure where i am - riv 10 - check check he shows q9.
3) Next hand i limp 44 flop q 7 4 2 spades i lead out 2/3 pot - 2 callers turn another spade pretty sure Im behind to Villain but he checks after my check as does other player - I still think Im behind here and only intend to be further involved if board pairs. River spade non pairing board easy fold for me NEMESIS held 10 7 spades.
4) 4 limpers I have KK again raised 4*bb from sb 2 callers flop a 35 i check fold.
5) play about 3 hands to raises with pairs miss them all.Get to break 8k from 10k starting and to be honest feel have played v well to be still in losing the minimum in some horrible positions.

SESSION 2 - ROOOOBISSSSHHHI decide to change style as only played big cards and aim to win a big pot with **** for image purporses.NEMESIS continues to call nearly every raise.I limp 56 dis from early ( wish I had raised ) - flop 934 - 2 clubs i lead out 1/2 pot NEMESIS calls - Turn King - I lead out again for 1/2 pot and NEMESIS calls - pot now is about 4k and I have under 6k left as does he. River 5 - I decide Im either winning eg he has missed flush or he has 9x - hence I decide a bet off 2.5k should take pot either wat - he calls 9 10 and im down to 3.5K.

Next hand I have qk (K di)on BB someone raised to 600 2 in pot and i call for 400. Flop A 8 6 all dis - NEMESIS bets 1k into 2k pot - i push all in ( in desperation but obviously hoping for a fold) - he calls shows AQ and i miss. Key hand was the 56 hand that I kicked myself 100 times on way home - I lose 200 on next hand if dont lose first one. All in all pishpoor performance

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