Monday, July 02, 2007

Newcastle GUKPT me up :)

Just played the satelliteon Bluesquare and accumulated a chip lead.

About 50 runners 1st 2 won 2750$ packages for the 1k£ buy in at Newcastle. I kep telling myself dont chuck this away as you are chucking too many away and playing like a donk.

Anyway 5 hrs later my 99 just held up v 77 when I called a reraise with 3 left v smallest stack - flop was a q 3 and his cards were not turned over and I feared worst but was delighted to see 77.

Now I just need to ensure I can get a few days off work in a busy period - I hope that is ok.

I had played awful all day and lost almost 1k - this win feels much bigger than 1k to me as it means I can play a big event at my home town - hopefully can meet up with a few of the boys from the betfair forum also and maybe I can make it onto TV. !!!

Full details are below and if I get the time off I may play them all now.

What I won

There are three super satellites a week, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. One $2,750 package will be awarded for every $2,750 in the prize pool. The winners of these super satellites win a $2,750 GUKPT package, which consists of £1,050 buy in plus fee to a GUKPT event and the remainder in expenses. The Wednesday and Friday super satellites are $100 rebuy tournaments. The Sunday super satellites are freezeout tournaments. You can buy in directly to these super satellite qualifiers, or win a seat in them through one of the daily satellites.

Event Schedule

Main Event Details
Buy – In
£1000 +£50
Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd July '07
Proposed Player Capacity

Full Festival Schedule
Event Name
Start time
Wednesday 18th July '07
£300 Double Chance NL Freezeout**
Thursday 19th July '07
Day One A of GPT Leg 6
Friday 20th July '07
Day One B of GPT Leg 6
Saturday 21st July '07
Day Two of GPT Leg 6
Sunday 22nd July '07
Day Three of GPT Leg 6
Sunday 22nd July '07
£250 NL Shootout**

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