Saturday, July 07, 2007


Just lost the 790$ WSOPE qualifyer for the 23k$ package.

I was 2nd with 16 left and had two bad beats in 8k pots.

First one I have ace 6 on BB flop comes a 6 3 all dis I get them all in v K J os with K di and river comes q di.

Then the sicker beat I raise pre with ace ten 1 caller from bb flop ten 8 3 rainbow - bet he raises all in ( hes not a good player ) - I call as expect winning - he has q ten river the fooking q dis again.

Beat after beat after beat in July - well down just have to remind myself have had a nice run myself and hopefully they will stop in near future.

For the record I came 10th but was very unimpressed by standard of player in tourny and will try and qualify again via the 79$ sats this week.

Bets of luck at tables and to the wsop team from betfair.

Another 6 hours total delays on this weeks travel also adding to current mood !

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Anonymous said...

UL Soap with the cash hand and the WSOPE - fuckin muppets, but as you know youll win against them in the long run. Richard(humbug1)