Tuesday, July 31, 2007


6 Paks765
Bonus / Rake670
Fixed Limit770
No Limit -2145


1) I pretty much knew last months No Limit figures would not last - Im new to NL game and you pay for your lessons !!

2) Never got going for big profits in month and was basically down between 2k and level for most the month.

3) My performance in the the UKGPT was poor - was home before the first dinner break.


1) Fixed limit - Happy to make a profit in this discipline again for 2nd month in a row as this is where all my bonus and rakeback comes from (recorded seperate).

2) Freerolling - 1st and 4th in the CPC freerolls netting over 4k$ of prizes and a week all inclusive in St Kitts and 3 sat vouchers for CPC (worth 2k$ not included in above figures)

3) Another Month with a multi win - Ok it was the eyes wide shut donkfest but £1k is £1k.

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