Saturday, July 28, 2007


I just won the 140 odd runner eyes wide shut on betfair which I affectionately refer to as a Donkfest - its a turbo and blinds at end mean its push or fold. I only just scrapped past bubble when picked up tens hand before my bb. However got a huge good beat with 7 left when i was all in when short with 3 5 v q5 and hit a straight. I then won most of the 60 40s i got chips in with and then when 3rd of 3 had to call with 57 and was delighted to see the guy had pushed with 2 4.

Heads up i pushed and held up early then ran into aces then next hand. Then all in me a 5 v his 10 x anyway he flopped a 10 but a queen on river gave me a straight and $2100 dollars for the 50$ entry and 1st place. I also cashed in the 16k gtd tonight when i finished 18th which is lowest place that is paid for 192$ buy buy in is 109$

Very nice result for a tourny I often mock !! - It also means I have sneaked into profit for the month :)

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