Sunday, May 23, 2010


More joy on poker front.

Play 100r on *s flat behind 2 raisers with QQ pretty sure someone behind will shove which they do and i call as does one of the others and i am in great shape for quick double fig stack when i get it in with QQ v AQ versus retard with 810 who obv gets there.

Then get back up and jam AJ over a raise and a flatter and mateys monster 66 is too good for my AJ as he sanp calls.

Then a freeroll on Laddies for a cruise package or wsop thing (cant remember) - 8 sit outs on table so its literally there for the 2 of us (I am in position) to just share all the blinds but matey wants them all to him self so i start reraising in position as need to stack up as only 1 prize and get in beautiful with JJ v TT and can spend the next 1 hr just picking up all the free blinds and he spikes a 10.

Different day same shit.

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