Saturday, May 08, 2010


AM session 3 6 NL did ok won few buy ins.

PM session joined a multitude of multis across stakes.

- Lost over 1000$ with an awful move at cash.

- 300$ 150K gtd got very decent stack fast - then called a 4 bet with AK and got it all in v a bog stack to go chip leader with half field down on K75 board and i was dead versus KK.

- Shortly after above i was playing a 25% rebuy to get into 700 WSOP sat final and bubbled this getting 25$ rather than the 700 seat.

- Played 2 freeroll things - qualified for the 150K final of one which is on 31st May but think it will have zillions of runners.

- I then played the 215 SCOOP quadruple shoot out and lost pair v flush draw to go 2nd in 1st game.

- I then played an Omaha sat into the 1500 SCOOP and was 6th of 6 with 4 seats but then got aggro and got through loads raises to get safe - i got a 1500$ seat and unregged to give me some SCOOP dollars for next week or so.

Had quite a few beers now so will reg for the 216 PLO SCOOP in an hr or so. Good luck me I wont find many folds :)

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Wildcat said...

I'm in the same $150k freeroll, we can chop it hu ;)