Saturday, May 29, 2010

ALMOST A DECENT DAY..........................

Mad as hell with myself - had grinded about 7 hrs and was about to log of with a 4 fig profit on day till i played the below hand like a total retard and bust back to where i started day. Below is so poor - I only flatted pre as he hardly ever 3 bets me and when did i had him on monster. I think flop is fine but turn is terrible and river even worse 0 rather pissed off with myself. At some point i change from him having aces to having AK where as in reality I am putting him on the only holding in the pack i can beat.


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donnie said...

was in deep last night around 5am- then ended up in the mire. doesnt make sleeping pleasant- i had cards swirling around in my brain- while i was staring up at the ceiling.