Sunday, May 09, 2010


Was down at cash before playing a very expensive sat to the 2100 stars event tonight with intention of unreg and using tourney dollars for rest of scoops i wanted to play if qualified.

The good news was I qualified for 700$, the bad news was the main event had already started and hence i could not unreg and had to play the 2100$ event.I got to 18K after 2 levels from 10K stack and was above average, however then ran top 2 pair into a flush and was crippled before i shoved into aces.

Stars rebuy was well stacked when ran AK into AA when i should have folded pre flop. Also entered and did nothing in 200 SCOOP and lost a bit on fixed limit on the side.

Sold 30% of main event action that I really wanted them to get a return on, but ulimately this slightly reduces my losses on the day. I also bought some shares in some kid in the WSOP ultimately now leaving my role on *s very low again.

I think role management is by far my weakest area in poker,

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