Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As regular readers will know I have small shares in 3 horses.

Fol Hollow - good quality sprinter
Teela - Unraced 3 year old that basically eats and never runs!!!
Johney Foley - one for the future over the sticks but ran well in NH flats this year - lots of potential.

I think Teela wont be seen out for a while as I got a mail offering me a free lease of a horse called Hels Angel (which they didnt have to do) to compensate for the ownership frustration of not getting to the track yer which probably means its crocked again !!!

Anyway Fol Hollow is entered at York on Thursday at the Dante meeting and the racing is top class so am going to go with the Mrs on my owners badge - I think he should hopefully be in the frame.

Then Hels Angel is entered at Newcastle on Friday night so might as well take that freebie if it runs.

Hence I found something else to waste my cash on when my poker ban kicks in for a while. I played team game tonight and came last getting it in with a set versus flush that obv hit !!!!

Link attached for anyone interested in joining a good racehorse ownership syndciation club (not really a gambling syndicate). Basically you get full ownership rights and an owners badge each time runs even if only own 2.5%. If you get a decent horse this can pay for itself if runs at major meetings and you are flexible to attend.



Fol runs tomorrow and I am going it is 10-1
Hels Angel looks like wont run at Newcastle Fri and instead next week prob Carlisle


Robert "Animal" Price said...

teela sounds like me !!! ;)

Anonymous said...

barnsie here mate

really fancy ishetoo in the sprint hope your boy goes well though