Sunday, May 23, 2010



In another huge hole this month on sports and have done bad the last 18 months after a good 24 months proceeding it. I think the bets I have the strongest opinions about with reference to value seem to do the best/ However, the days when I am making obscene amounts of money on poker seem to be gone - so what was a mini leak before now does not have the funding so needs to be sorted out. Hence some rules below.

1) Split beating into 2 pools - 1)for proper money on strong fancies / value propositions which should be a small number of bets. 2) Things i bet on just to make sport more entertaining and really cut the amount stalked on these bets to a minimum.

2) No bets unless have properly researched the bet if it is a bet in 1) above.

3) Leave long term ante post bets - stop laying off as I do well on these but then win f all as have layed off.


We move to a 1 income family in about a months time with an extra mouth to feed. I cannot / wont continue to do what I am doing and am at a bit of a crossroads with poker.

1) My best and most profitable game is multis but I imagine these are difficult to play when have a little one so probably need to cut right down on these.

2) Hence 1) means I need to play cash which I have my confidence busted in as turned 15k$ profit to 0 over last2 months. I think if i play then my max stake is going to be 2 4 unless I establish a roll. If i cannot beat 1/2 or 2/4 over a 3 month period then I am going to pack in poker completely until the little one gets to say 6 months.


Need to change my work hours - have been doing something like 830 - 630 with no lunch break. I have probably reached as high as I can in the company and while I will always work extremely hard I need to prioritise some family life and at the end of the day I get the same pay whether graft my arse off or just do what I can in the time I have.


Amatay said...

gl mate

Louisy said...

Stumbled upon this blog through a friend and just wanted to say that it's top-notch. Couldn't agree more about the dilemma over whether to continue with poker. We moved recently to a 3-bed semi and with 2 kids me and my husband are starting to feel the pinch!

Poker play the Soap way said...

Thanks both ^

Wildcat said...

Best of luck mate, sure you will make the right decision.

TEAMDOBB said...

you yourself will know what , if anything, you want out of poker for the time being but it will always be there and wont disappear whereby Young Soaps 1st 6 month will only happen once- dont miss it!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Soap for what its worth, when my little one was born i packed up poker for two yrs, easier on the baby and my ears from grief from the gf. gl with ur choice tho. alexsdad