Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My Mrs spyed me on tv twice this week.

Once in the paddock at York races on Ch4 and then tonight on the Irish Open Poker on Sky Sports 2 at 10pm. I am so dumb I had been watching it and had not even noticed but was a fw shots of TV table and i was playing the table behind it so featured a few times.

It plays to the bubble next week and the guy who bust v near the bubble was on my table and I sat next to Liam Flood who took him out so may well feature. SS2 next Tue 10pm.

On my facebook status I put I had been on TV and said its probably the most athletic sport that I could feature on - Brenos asked me in chat if it was darts :) - cheeky **** !!!!


stumpy said...

i was ganna say indoor bowls

Ankit Chhabra said...

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Anonymous said...

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OneLifeLiveIt said...

Did your wife not know you were at the Open?