Sunday, May 30, 2010


Just came 3rd of 400 hundred and odd in the 320$ 150K gtd on *s which as I have said before is my fav tourney on the web for 16500$. (1st 29K and 2nd 22k.

Had at least 3 bits of good luck in the tourney which was a refreshing change including an Aj v AQ for tourney life and a 97 (LOL) beating AK.

Got to last 3 in marginal 2nd of 3 with chip leader well clear and then made a mistake on a qq6 board when i folded (well i actually time banked folded as didn't press fold) 88. This left me 3rd and I 4 bet all in AQ suited but ran into AK and didnt improve and missed the split outs on the river. However, I know i played extremely well tonight as had very limited ammunition cards wise and really really pleased with this score in one of the best tourneys on the net.

Was in a 4 fig hole from cash earlier so was extremely pleasing and changes May into a 5 fig £ win month. CHOOO CHOOO :)


Amatay said...

choo choooo, wp fishay

BH said...

good skills mate, congrats.

stumpy said...

weeeeeeeeeee n1, only a matter of time