Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Had night off poker and went to a bar showing Sky 3D to watch Man C v Spurs with a few mates including Ben "thefish" Holmes who is a Spurs fan. I wanted to try 3D before the world cup. To be honest was not impressed with 3D at all, only value is when the camera is static hence at the moment i dont see it been real good for football and could see it working much better for tennis / golf. However, I have little doubt they will develop the product with more and more cameras and will be the way tv is watched in the future.

Onto the match, for once I wanted spurs to win and was pretty gutted with below bet on Betfair when a goal was chalked off questionably which would have landed me 6 ton of 9 quid. Bentley then came on so i lost £25 on FGS - however had draw HT Spurs FT to win a few quid on the night and thought Spurs deserved the win and the 4th place.

David Bentley 36.00 16.00 Back 05-May-10 18:53 -16.00
Ledley King 65.00 9.00 Back 05-May-10 18:54 -9.00

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Highstack said...

I've been using this as a link to Rubbis's blog as I'm too lazy to sort out my links - Gats did them originally for me ... ad I've just noticed that you've called his blog rubbish-shat as opposed to rubbishat - seems a little harsh :-)