Monday, May 03, 2010


Was going to play a load of these SCOOP events, however the number of hrs you can play for a min cash can really put you off.

Was in great shape tonight with 300 left I was about 20th with 580K when av was less than 200K. However, i promised myself not to play tame after Irish open and I 4 bet 55 all in versus 1010 and busted back to 260K. From then on in was on a real tough table getting pants cards and couldnt do much - I got lowish then doubled back to 2/3 of av stack. I played real well for about 6 or 7 hrs and picked up loads of pots with nothing and didnt get a mass of big hands, however played poor last hr or so. I I made a pretty big mistake with 150 left - there was a min raise from a 15BB player and this got flatted and I was on BB with A3 - I should have called but thought could steal pot and shoved in and got snapped by JJ to leave me shortish. I later reraised a frequent raiser with an overshove all in with 44 but someone woke up with queens abehind nd despite having a few outs by turn that was that :( I beat 6500 runners but finished 140oddth for less than 1k$ for 10hrs

Top 3 places were over 100K, top 12 over 10K, top 30 over 5k, and top 50 2.5k for what could have been !!!!.

I have cashed last 4 multis but for aboslute min cashes - for the record there were a FTOPS the 300 and 100 1000 runner multis on *s in Sat and this 1st scoop event.

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Wildcat said...

Exactly why I hate stars so much, you can play an mtt for hours and get peanuts!

Good luck, hope you get a decent cash soon.