Monday, May 10, 2010


Another 4 fig loss when playing shocking across NLHE and PLO. According to Hold Em manager I got to 16k$ in front ah hight point this year ar 3/6$ and 5/10$ over 20K hands now after 26K hands I am up less than 1k$ on year. I cannot blame bad luck either as EV says i should be small loser.

Lost all motivation and desire for this game with exception of multis that I still enjoy. However, when little one comes along that is probably the one discipline it will not be practical to play.

Very very close to giving up for a period as dont feel it any more, just play multis ongoing on nights i play. I have team game tomorrow night that frankly is about as desirable as shopping at the moment but will grind through it so dont let team down, however letting myself down at moment as mindset / form / desire all shit.


JT said...

Chin up mate - we've all had some bad days and it's through the tough times that you learn the most. I know how you feel though - sometimes it seems as if the gods are against you! Keep it up.

Kiko said...


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Brunella Tollmache said...

Wow! That's my shit;P