Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Just came 5th of 900 in the 65K GTD on *S for 6.7k$.

Pleased with the score but bit gutted on fin tab as I had chip lead and was 2nd a lot of the time.

Prizes were 24k, 17k, 13k, 9.8k and 6.8K and have to say I am devasted not to get the extra 3k for 4th - chuffing short stack must have won 3 or 4 all ins.

Anyway never mind getting closer and this time decent score.

Final hand I shoved for 20 odd BB when 4 of 5 with 99 and BB had JJ.


Highstack said...

still a decent result - wd mate

Small Stakes Poker said...

ul but you will get it next time