Sunday, May 16, 2010


Played the 500 and the 50 SCOOP tonight with no joy in either, however I had a near miss in a scoop sat. I played one the crazy 33$ rebuy for the seats to the main event worth 10k$. I ran really well and got to final table of 9 as chip leader with 1.8 million chips. The first 3 got 10k$ seats then 4th -8th 900$ and i ended up losing 3 races in a row at the final table to leave with 900$ in 6th or 7th and if won one of the frst two races then i would be huge fav for the 10k seat so very disappointed in the end. However 900$ better than nothing and gives me a bit to play with.

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Joseph Shaw said...

No you had better not choose yourself, but that doesn't mean that you need to really go through with it once it has been settled upon