Monday, March 31, 2008


Was able to get a few hours poker in at last tonight after grafting all weekend as project gos live April 1. Also landed my promotion at work so all the hard work has been worth it and I am now at what I consider to be career level.

Anyway played 2 multis - same form as usual - did crap in the $ one and won the poker mill sat to Sunday 1600$ final. Lets hope I can do better than last which was the only other time i qualified. I have also qualified for the 250K on Virgin so thats Sundays poker sorted.

Good Luck All

Sunday, March 30, 2008


6 Paks-215
Bonus / Rake579
Fixed Limit-875
No Limit 580

(Plus qualification for WSOPE and 2 GUKPT events)


1) Qualification for the WSOPE 10k event.

2) Winning the WPT qualifyer for 2nd time and getting the cash £7700

3) No limit form early in month was awesome.


1) Volume of play - just lucky won some huge prizes

2) When AA lost to AK at final table for huge chip lead in 500 runner game with 11k for winner when i came 8th after beat.

3) Fixed Limit form crap again.


Delighted with events I have qualified for ( WSOPE / WPT and 2 GUKPT events) - however I can hardly get time off at all at the moment so focus this month will be trying to cash in some standard multi's.




1) Crackaway Jack win at Chelt on day 1 when I had already awesome day but over £150 ttoal at 16s :)

2) Chelteneham in general

3) Lumped Newcastle twice this month ( fulham and spurs)


Lets not twist this month !!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


No poker all work - got 2 hrs in last night and did £650 in 3 hands and never worst than 60 40 fav when cash went in ( 1 60 40 1 70 30 1 80 20) - happens move on.

To be honest my month profit centres around the WPT win I was able to cash but good month cash wise all the same. I checked I played 20% volume of what I played last year :(

Guest Connections may make seasonal debut on Wed at Catterick but I am too busy to go - I feel it is on a decent handicap mark and hopefully can land a few wins this year after 2nd and 3rd galore last.

Work do tonight - black tie affair / free booze etc - however I am working tomorrow so am going to try and not get as messy as usual but already doubt that ....!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I don't how many of you shop at Tesco, but this may be useful to know. I am posting this to you to warn you of something that happened to me, as I have become a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. This happened to me at Tesco in North Shields, and it could happen to you. Here's how the scam works: Two good-looking girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping in the boot. They both start wiping your windscreen with a rag and Windolene, wearing only hot pants and really skimpy t-shirts. It is impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say, "No," and instead ask you for a ride to another Tesco. You agree and they get in the back seat. On the way, they start getting off with each other. Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and gives you the blow*** of your lifewhile the otherone steals your wallet. Be careful out there. I had my wallet stolen last Tuesday, Wednesday, twice on Thursday, again on Saturday.


Dont think I will ever win a big online multi with loads of runners.

Played the 30k on crapto tonight 500 runners - 8 left I am 4th very well stacked and all in with AA v Ak v chip leader - he flops king and rivers king and I am gone for 1175$.

I would have had double 2nd place if i win that hand and most likely 1st (11k$ or 2nd 7k$) so totally gutted.

Did have JJ beat KK earlier so need to think 1175$ better than none but once again done when huge fav on final table.

Monday, March 24, 2008


This time 2hrs into 16k and site gos down and another frustarting cancellation.

I estimate fo last 6 multis i played on Betfair the site has gone down 4 times.


Cork started bad and didn't get much better.

Its 1 hr flight unfortunately proceeded by a 7 hr delay which was a nightmare. i would have just gone home if they had told me up front was 7 hr delay. Anyway I had booked hotel in middle of nowhere also so wasn't a good start.

Racing in VIP bit at Cork was really good plus greta value for cash but no winners in 6 races was a bit shite. Just went round bars watching footy on Sunday and came back today. Not sure I went to wrong places but was not much to do in general - don't think I will go back.

Anyway how did i get a badbeat without playing. I bought 10% in Graham Clarkson AKA Flash Badger - was delighted when my mate text saying he was still in on day 3 and i assumed he must be in or close to the cash. I got text 1 hr later to say lost a massive pot near bubble aa v qq with q on riv.

I felt like shit he must have felt 9 times worse. I know he reads this blog - so top effort mate - your just losing the big pots that matter - I am sure a big win is round the corner. I seen a bit of it on TV last night and it would have been a good tourny to be stacked in late on as standard seemed shite. EG guy with 55 pushing all in from early possy with 1/4 mill at 5k 10k blinds and spikin 5 etc.

Anyway alls well that ends well. I had put a huge footy acca on for me £250 - I knew I had toon adn Man U at evens and could not rememeber whether I had been greedy adding Villa who lost. Just logged on to see ching ching :)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Played 1st live game since St Kitts tonight. As pers Newcastle had a £30 rebuy tourny. Was gutted to get there and find out only 27 runners - was quite tight affair also as only 1 rebuy allowed. Anyway my mates were there so i played - didn't need to rebuy as doubled up early doors.

Standard was truly awful - I could not believe what i was watching at times and would have cursed myself if i did not cash ( top 5 paid).

Anyway 5 hrs later 4 left I am gtd £200 and push the SB all in who limps into my BB for 3rd round in a row. He calls in 0.01 seconds ( P Hellmuth style v B Greinstein in that cash hand !!) and he has KK. His KK is no match for my monster ace 6 on a ace 6 7 flop lol. I knock 3rd out and eventually catch up with chip leader as we are about to go heads up. We have about 80k each he offers chop and I accept as 245am and cant be rsed.

Was quite bored at times tonight but was truly shocked how bad the standard was - I let him sign for 1st and I took £435 for the chop which can do as Cork spends.

Adios all - no poker for me till minimum Tuesday as going away for weekend.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


While most of the poker people will be Ireland for the Irish Open over easter weekend I will be in Ireland also but going to cork for a few days R&R with the Mrs - think i will leave laptop here and have clean break from poker & work for a few days.

Fly direct from toon Fri come back Mon. Booked some hospitality for next to nothing ( 60EUR) would be 3* that min in UK at Cork races on the Saturday and seen footy matches galore I want to watch at weekend lol !!!

Any tips for bars in Cork let me now

I am playing the 30k on Bertfair tomorrow as supposed free entry after last weeks cock up when we had small blinds of 1500 and big blind 300 at levl 4 or so - LOL

Monday, March 17, 2008

CPC 2008

Details out - cruise this year


I will never be a top played till I learn to fold KK. Just spun 250 up to 550 at 5 10 Nl and pick up kings.

Raise ahead to 40 and i make it 133 - raise behind to 270 - I think what else can he have bar aces with that raise? But I am simply not good enough - I flat call almost hoping for ace to flop to make decision easier (little chance when liklihood 2 left) - however 9 high and i cant fold and go bust. This is awful play by me and something I desperately need to adress if I am ever going to make a decent cash player.

Looked back over the last 6 weeks and I have won packages galore ( 3 GUKPT (£1500) 2 WPT EPT (10kEUR)and a WSOPE (23k$) - what an amazing run. However most of these are very small plus in P+L so need to get back to the grind of playing normal tournies (especially as holidays are almost full now) - not complaining as winning all the pacakges has been awesome but if end of day if i dont cash then its not real money - was able to cash one in for 7.5k so that was good - at least means March will be a big plus month. However something like WSOPE i know there will be at least 50% of field better than me - prob nearer 90 !!!

PS any readers know when 2008 wsope is I cant find it anyway?

New aim for April is to improve my cash game and get back to normal multis.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gone from 100K

Guess after current run was due a stinking beat :(

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 327907606 *****NL Texas Hold'em $525 Buy-in + $25 Entry Fee, Level:9 Blinds(200/400-40 ante) - Sunday, March 16, 20:47:06 GMT 2008Weekly $100k GTD#133348 Table 2 9-max (Real Money)Seat 6 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 8Seat 1: DjPonytale1 ( 3,167 )Seat 2: myran ( 7,348 )Seat 3: Iv0rY ( 23,465 )Seat 4: suddes ( 5,938 )Seat 5: xcuseme ( 4,969 )Seat 6: tigerwing ( 4,108 )Seat 8: navonod ( 10,561 )Seat 9: Allah Akbar ( 12,020 )Tourney Level:9 Blinds(200/400-40 ante)navonod posts ante [40]DjPonytale1 posts ante [40]myran posts ante [40]Iv0rY posts ante [40]suddes posts ante [40]xcuseme posts ante [40]tigerwing posts ante [40]Allah Akbar posts ante [40]navonod posts small blind [200]Allah Akbar posts big blind [400]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ Ks, Kc ]DjPonytale1 foldsmyran foldsIv0rY foldssuddes raises to [1,100]xcuseme goes all-inxcuseme raises to [4,929]tigerwing calls [4,068]tigerwing goes all-innavonod foldsAllah Akbar foldssuddes calls [3,829]** Showdown ** suddes shows [ Ks, Kc ]xcuseme shows [ 6s, 6c ]tigerwing shows [ Kd, Ah ]** Dealing Flop ** [ 4d, 7d, 3c ]** Dealing Turn ** [ Qs ]** Dealing River ** [ 5s ]** SICK Hand Conclusion **xcuseme wins 1,722 from side pot #1 with a straight, Seven to Threexcuseme wins 13,124 from main pot with a straight, Seven to Three


LOL wp soap - last.

Couldnt fold KK v QT on QT4 board river brough Q to rub it in.

poor show - after the lord mayors show and all that.

Also out the 500$ multi on Crapto set v set and just below average in last game the 100k on Betfair


Now guarenteed a prize - 5 left but only 2 seats - other prizes are minute compared to the wsope packages. I think 500$ 800$ and 2000$ but each seat package is worth 23000$.

Currently 2nd 1000 2000 blinds

Damn just got it all in AK v A7 and a king flopped - didnt even notice river brought a straight kqjt with us both having acess that was prob a wsope seast right their as I would have 1/2 chips left in play.

Next hand aq just held v aj 4 left - i have small chip lead.

Pick up JJ in SB raise 3*BB who reraises me 3* more - he is an awesome player - I go in tank and jam as he has fold equity plus is sitting 2nd - just hope he does not have aa or kk as think he will fold qq - he folded - said big hand - will find out after what it was (just heard AJ sooted) - i now have chiplead 4 left 1 shortish.

Ok 4th just gone 3 left this is it - wish me luck - plenty poker left as all biggish stacks. Guaranteed 2k$ but what a difference 1st and 2nd to 3rd.

Just had AA standard raise no takers :( I am so nervous I think if this was live I would be a mess !!! - biggest package i ever been close to as buy in to main event is £10K unlike wsop main event which is $.

Yes we are there !!!!!!! - total set up for me to win - small blind AQ me AK on BB and it holds.

Poker million final on Laddies tomorrow - 3 seats in 3 nighs would be a nice triple crown !!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I got 2 seats as added value for the 2 EPT / WPT seats I won. I will play at Manchester and have to transfer the other to a Lwoods player.

I just played the B Square 100$ Fri qualifier and won another seat - basically won 3 or 4 races at key times and then down to 4 4th wanted cash so worked out well. I hope they let me transfer Manchester Seat to Newcastle - think they will ( as that is why I played it).

Will mail them tomorrow -bt hopefully thats 2 events I will be playing ( Manchester and Newcastle).

Won a small amount at Chelt today but then lost 1000$ at NL on Bfair so down on day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Have done well in Sats of late and got myself a decent weekedn of tournies on the cheap - lets hope I do something in one.


Most 1 seat only but you never know.

Chelt was off today and no huge fancies tomorrow apart from what I put up. My mates have landed on their feet - they were going down for Thur and Fri and now get 19 races across two days although if you went a day without a winner it must be awful if 10 races !!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Leg Spinner
Group Captain
Apt Approach ( I am on antepost 20-1)


Proper mixed bag

Betfair joke below - should get about 1k$ for 400$ if they cancal on usual rules.

Vegas Vacation - went out exatly same as last weak - 11 left I get 250$ refund if final table (10) and am 7th - possy 1 limps i riase from SB he jams all in - I think he may have AA but call KK and run into AA.

Maybe should have folded as went out exactly the same last week in same position.

Then played 44EUR sat to 350 EUR WPT SPAIN FINAL which I won and qualified for weekend final.


Well tipped you all a winner Tidal Bay and a 16-1 3rd. But had one of my best ever days.

I put a £4ew yankee on with 1st two winning 9-1 with some massive best riding onto other two who were both unplaced which was a bit of an anti climax.

However all my ante post bets won (Katchit at 12s and Tiday Bay at 11.5) Then in last race i played up some winings on a 16-1 shot i fancied (Crack Away Jack) . Obviously when you back them you follow them all the way and it was absolutely crusing and was still 16-1 in running - I put £100 on and put up a lay at 6-1 which unfortunately was taken before I could cancal as it came crusing into the lead and went on to win.

Won about £4k in total which is one of my best days ever on horses.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I was on the way to blowing my weekly chip lead in the 160$ qualifier to the 1500$ event.

Lost a whack of chips on q32 board v q9 when he 2 paired turn v my flopped 2 pair q3.

Then I got a huge suckout - 3 left 2 seats me shortie reraised a raiser all in and I had a2 - I ren into genuine hand of AK who called but a 2 on the flop = suckout city. I then raised 88 and small stack flat called and pushed on 652 board - easy call for me as he cant have a hand - must be a draw and he only had ace 7 but turned a str and flush draw that missed and I win my seat in Saturday nights final.

Hope its not an anti climax but happy to get at least 1 shot after many near misses - I probably could have bought in for less than it has cost me to qualify !!!!

Cheltenham Day 1 picks

Tidal Bay 15/2 (I am on ante post 10-1)
New Alco approx 14s
Ollie Magern EW 50-1

Sunday, March 09, 2008

How do you not tilt?

Just playing 400$ on Laddies trying to spin it up to 1500 to enter poker million final.

Then i got exactly who you want on your table - a 1/4wit but it all gos wrong and i just went into chat rage for first time in yonks.

I get up to 650$ then have KK on bb with him on sb i limp as he deffo cant put a hand down.

flop j 7 8 he bets i raise huge he pushes i call. He has 10 3 and river 9 gives him 1200$ pot.

lost 2.5k$ this weekend - not good :(

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Just had a call from LWoods saying I had been named as player of month - was waiting to hear if that got me added bonus !!!

Turns out if meant I had to do a brief interview for their Podcast which was all !!!!!

Anyway was literally 3 -4 mins with standard questions.

However, I did learn form the interview that this years Carribean Poker Classic will be on a cruise ship rather than at the Marriott in St Kitts which for me is a shame as that was a fantastic resort although I know when I was their they were talking about cruise ship due to some legislation about advertising.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The tide has deffo turned

Played the Vegas vacation thing down to last 3 - basically 6k$ seat to winner nothing for anyone else.

Can you believe this call - I am in complete shock and of course its 50 50 but I cannot work out any reason why someone would call here

Game #5664398403: VEGAS LITE Final (ID6483537) $250+$20 - Hold'em NL (400/800) - 2008/03/05 - 01:09:21 (UK)
Table "6483537 - 1" Seat 3 is the button.
Seat 1: Piccasso (19880 in chips)
Seat 3: richfurse (20444 in chips)
Seat 8: teambean (17176 in chips)
teambean: posts the ante 100
Piccasso: posts the ante 100
richfurse: posts the ante 100
teambean: posts small blind 400
Piccasso: posts big blind 800
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to teambean [4s 4d]
richfurse: folds
teambean: calls 400
Piccasso: raises to 3200
teambean: raises to 17076 and is all-in
Piccasso: calls 13876
----- FLOP ----- [8s Th 2h]
----- TURN ----- [8s Th 2h][3d]
----- RIVER ----- [8s Th 2h 3d][6s]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
teambean: shows [4s 4d] (A Pair of Fours, Ten high)
Piccasso: shows [8d Qd] (A Pair of Eights, Queen high)
Piccasso collected 34452 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot 34452 Main pot 34452 Rake 0
Board [8s Th 2h 3d 6s]
Seat 1: Piccasso (big blind) showed [8d Qd] and won (34452) with A Pair of Eights, Queen high
Seat 3: richfurse (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: teambean (small blind) showed [4s 4d] and lost with A Pair of Fours, Ten high


just lost 2500$ pot but couldnt grab HH in time.

raise ahead of me to 80 (loose player) i reraise 200 more he calls. Flop KQ7 which I dont particularly like and he bets 1/2 pot - I decide since he is loose to jam as put him on ace flush draw maybe with K for pair. Anyway he calls A9 sooted and hits J his suit on river.

Thats end of experiment I think I won over 4K$ so will try again sometime but I always stop when playing above limits as soon as lose a buy in.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

POKER MILLION NEMESIS & continued NL cash joy

Played the Sat to the final again tonight and got into my best position.
Took over a bit with 3 left and managed to get to 28k v 2 stacks less than 10k.
Heads up had someone me over 30k them less than 10k and v a passive opponant i still lost !!!!

Main hand was when i jam reraised with tt but he had qq but also lost quite a few hands like when dominated - dissapointed as i really want to play in that final but cant get their and 1500$ is too much.

On plus side I had another bash at 10 20 NL on laddies trying to spin it up again playing mega aggresive and then using the agression to my advantage when hit big hand.

Key hand below - dream flop pretty sure he had high pocket pair. I also run golden and complain when I get beats etc so thought only right to celebrate when run golden !!!

Dealing Hole Cards(5h 5s )
> Inoriisss raised for $80
> Eversti78 folded
> hager folded
> dish called for $70
> c1975h folded
> Dealing the Flop(5d 6c 6h )
> dish checked
> Inoriisss bet for $180
> dish raised for $360
> Inoriisss called for $180
> Dealing the turn(10h )
> dish bet for $450
> Inoriisss went all-in for $5,029.60
> dish went all-in for $998.60
> Extra chips returned to Inoriisss, $3,581
> Dealing the river(Jc )
> dish shows a Full House, Fives full of Sixes
(5h 5s 5d 6c 6h )
> Inoriisss mucked
> dish wins $3,795.20 with a Full House, Fives full of Sixes

Monday, March 03, 2008

Biggest cash pot(s) I have won

I played the hand really weird !!

> dish posted small blind ($10)
> mcstuntz posted big blind ($20)
> Game # 940,095,906 starting.
> Dealing Hole Cards(9h 6h )
> B6OKY1 folded
> Wolfovic folded
> DareU2Move folded
> dish raised for $30
> mcstuntz called for $20
> Dealing the Flop(Kh 2h Jh )
> dish checked
> mcstuntz bet for $80
> dish called for $80
> Dealing the turn(Kd )
> dish checked
> mcstuntz bet for $240
> dish raised for $960
> mcstuntz went all-in for $5,863.27
> dish went all-in for $822.29
> Extra chips returned to mcstuntz, $4,320.98
> Dealing the river(5s )
> dish shows a Flush, Hearts
(Kh Jh 9h 6h 2h )
> mcstuntz mucked
> dish wins $3,802.58 with a Flush, Hearts

2nd biggest

DareU2Move raised for $80
> dish called for $80
> mcstuntz folded
> B6OKY1 folded
> Wolfovic called for $70
> reeldizzy folded
> Dealing the Flop(Qc 5d Ah )
> Wolfovic checked
> DareU2Move bet for $210
> dish raised for $600
> Wolfovic folded
> DareU2Move went all-in for $1,485
> dish called for $1,095
> Dealing the turn(Kd )
> Dealing the river(10c )
> DareU2Move shows Two Pair, Aces over Fives
(Ac Ah 5c 5d Kd )
> dish shows Two Pair, Aces over Queens
(Ad Ah Qh Qc Kd )
> DareU2Move brought $225 to the table
> dish wins $3,647 with Two Pair, Aces over Queens

Time to run as playing above limits and can lose it all in 1 hand !!!

Had worse nights :D

Sunday Tornies

Was knacked today so unregistered from the 500$ multi winner takes all i was going to play on crapto.

Instead I played poker mill qualifyer coming up short again and Laddies 100K gtd Sunday night tournie. I played well in this but lost Ak v JJ with 35 left to go top 5.

I was 17 of 18 with 35K with 4k 8k blinds and pushed with Ace 9 sooted from possy1. Possy 2 comes over top all in so I am hoping at least my ace is live which it was as he had ten ten but that held and Im gone in 18th for 900$ and i was in for 200$.

Decent weekend anyway - gl all.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Both losing hands v Animal who I know as met him in ST Kitts. I also respect his game and have played with him quite a bit lately in multis. Some times multi wins can be hands you lose the minimum in rather than the hands you win as these chips saved double up when you do.

I think on both these hands I could easy have bust and see them as the 2 key hands for me in the game. No idea what he had on 2nd but I expect 99 maybe he will tell me when he drops buy!!


4 limpers q9x flop all hearts i had q9 no more hearts come but i feel i may be getting milked off low flush who is looking to avoid heart on river before putting significant bet in. River is none heart and i have top 2 pair and i choose to check call. I think bet and he would raise and would be very hard put down.


i raise pre AK sooted flop I think A 9 3 rainbow. i bet he calls turn rag - i bet he calls - riv - i bet he raises all in - I assume I am beat and chuck. Its also before final table and both me and him are on same skin and know that we need final table so I give him respect for 99. ( Either that or he makes a good move knowing i need to ft also).

Let me know Animal !!


Had played some low stakes stuff and am a few hundred down for month before rake paid.

Tonight I played 3 games - sat to 100k on Betfair (yes i went back !! ) lost.
Sat 50$ to WSOPE 550$ final which i won pretty easy (final in a few weeks)

and then the 500EUR final for the 10K EUR pacakge gtd on Crapto which I won - will post more details tomorrow but worst beat I put in anyone with the chips in before river was KT sooted v A 5. Played Ok but was last of 4 with 4 left and also dominated 2:1 heads up but came through and won a 10K pacakge.

Now the issue I have is I am playing all these glamour events but really struggling for any holiday - I will have to use them both later in year although pretty sure i want to use one for Bahamas event in Jan. I may be able to cash 2nd one in which would be my preference but I need to check terms and conditions.

I also win a GUKPT seat to Manchester which I already have one so hope they can cash this instead or buy me in to toon event.

All in all none of the wins have made the P&L as i don't count them as wins as biggest likelihood is play the events and get 0 - only thing I add to P&L is any physical cash I get. However, if can cash 2nd package in it should be worth about £9K with GUKPT part also.

Anyway I had a good March last year - hope this is the start for this year. I have just booked a weekend with the Mrs in Cork over Easter and going to visit Cork races and do a little R&R over Easter - looking forward to that also.

Toon game was frustrating today - totally dominated game but Owen missed sitter after sitter - relegation fight starts here !!