Friday, July 27, 2012


This month continues to move along fine on poker front although sports betting has been a bit of a mare. Anyway 3 or 4 things I am looking forward to in month ahead :-


Basically, I love the Olympics and can watch pretty much any sport and have a genuine interest, this will be first time I have tryed to do it with a 2 year old though. Anyway was offered something very interesting this week and my London visit now looks like :-

- Showjumping with Mrs and little one (Sat AM)
- Cycling at  Velodrome with a mate (Sat PM)
- Athletics at Olympic stadium on 100M finals day with a couple of mates (Sun PM)


I have struggled to shift hardly any of below package but still will probably play the planned events, also turned it into a family holiday and got a nice apartment in the centre for my August jollidays.


Fol Hollow has won a couple of times this season but has had to move to the lowest grade, hence have purchased a share in a new one called The Codger which debuts at Newmarket tomorrow evening (fancy trip on short side at moment).


Season back upon us in no time and while we have not really bought anyone then hopefully a few irons in the fire, on on plus side we ain't lost anyone yet.

AND FINALLY.................

I am probably a mug but think this Bolt injury thing is all for show and he is getting close to even money, recall he stopped running at 3/4 mark last time and still won half the track  - chargeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Have posted on blog and Newcastle Poker Forum - will post on 2plus2 in 1 weeks time if not enough interest.


- Looking to sell up to 30% of below buy ins for Barca EPT events at 0 mark up.
- Will sell 1% or any multiples of 1% at 74 EUR - cash to be sent by bank transfer or pokerstars to username 520988.

August 16 - Thursday
19:00 H NL - Turbo €200 + €20
August 17 - Friday
19:00 L NL - Holdem - Day 1 €300 + €30
August 18 - Saturday
20:00 R PLO - Day 1 €400 + €40

August 19 - Sunday
13:00 R PLO - Final Day €400 + €40
August 20 - Monday
12:00 7 EPT Main Event - Day 1B - TV €5,000 + €300
August 21 - Tuesday
20:00 14 PLO - Day 1* €1,000 + €100
August 22 - Wednesday
12:00 16 NL - Turbo - Bounty* €500 + €500 + €50
13:00 14 PLO - Final Day
August 25 - Saturday
13:00 7 EPT Main Event Day 6 - Final Table - TV
Total Buy Ins 7390

* - Will only play 1 of these events and both are subject to me already been eliminated from EPT main event - stakes refunded for these events if do not play them.


I have won a lot of online sats to major events including WSOPE / WSOP / Macau / Carribean poker classic. Best results have been final tabling Carribean Poker Classic Main Event and I have won the Betfair Sunday Main Event 4 times over 2 years. I have also won a number of tournaments on stars including 2 scores over 20K$


I have not contacted them but would hope TEAMDOBBS / STUMPY would provide a reference.


I won my package online to main event and want to play some other events when I am there, if I sell 30% of total package then it covers my buy in's for the other events.


Have played much less over last 2 years as have a young child but cashed in last 2 ranking events (Irish Poker Open and Machester UKIPT). Have mainly played PLO in last year and you can search tourney and cash stats on the usual sites against my user name 520988.

PM if any questions.

Sunday, July 15, 2012



Just won a 20 rebuy turbo sat to EPT Barca worth 5300EUR plus 700EUR spends.

Basically 2nd -4th paid 1000EUR and with 7 left there was a 3 way all in which I won with best hand and then did a nervous call on bubble with best hand that held to get through the bubble. I had already had a good beat when all in with 10 7 versus K 7 and spiked a 10 and lots of abuse :)

Anyway got heads up versus abuser and got a chip lead and then when he shoved over my raise I was pretty happy to stick them in with 1010 versus his KK which left me crippled at 350K chips versus his 2.2 million but then he inexpicity folded a few hands on SB or versus my shoves.

Then we got them all in and my A8 was dominated versus his A10 but i sucked out again - I then got it in with best hand and held.

It is in August in the week I already had booked off work so has worked a treat except have to miss annual trip to York races. Although last time I went to an EPT I lasted less than 45 mins when I got 2nd set v top set!!!

Anyway - shares for sale if anyone wants a small interest (rake free)

50EUR for 1% at spot rates or any value above - put comment here and then send $ on stars if interested.


Just when was going well...............

Sat night playing the 300$ 100K gtd - think was 28 left and 27 paid (summit like that). I have top 10 stack and face a shove from possy 2 in front of me - the shove size looked like the kind of shove that cant be strong and its a more I did not know what to do type shove.

Anyway I reshove AK and come up against 10J - flop 10 J  Q river 10 and then shove next hand into better ace on BB to go out on bubble.

Sun night - playing 200$ Sunday Warm Up and get big stack early on. Right on bubble with 400 of 4000 or so left and i raise in cut off with 97 hearts and BB calls (he also has decent stack). Flop 10 8 5 (2 hearts) and we basically get stacks in - him calling off my 4 bet shove with J T and i miss the lot to go top 10 stack  :(

Friday, July 13, 2012


Played 3 multis this week on stars and cashed in them all with 2 final tables.

200$ 30K Gtd I was 4th of 400 for $4k ($10K up top)
100$ 30K Gtd I was 9th of just under 400 for 700$

First decent results for a while and also had few winning sessions in row on PLO till lost 2 buy ins tonight.

In other news- I seen Ben the Fish Holmes recently and asked him if he was playing on the poker stars app. In short his reply was just the micros when having a shit and then proceeded to tell me he is getting destroyed at 0.1 0.2 whilst shitting.

Hence just for Ben I have created  a mew measure for him.

Your loss per shit rate is 0.75$ - hope this helps.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Barca 5K EPT qualifyer - chip leader with 5 left and 1 seat - huge blinds with 4th getting 800EUR 2nd and 3rd 1000EUR and 1st a seat and 1000EUR

There was an open shove and then 2nd chip leader shoves in position 2 with half my stack - I wake up with JJ on BB and dither for ages and time out. In hindsight i was more bothered in making sure i got the 800EUR which is a ridic decision.

Made a couple of other bad folds also - bit rusty i think :(

4th for 800 and was in for at least 300 !!


Another losing month although was looking much worse at 1 stage. Also won a seat for UKIPT in Newcastle later in the year.

plo   -100
Multi   -740
Total   -840


Darts -50
Golf -145
Horses 900
Football -250