Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Bit of a nothing month but pleased overall after a shocking start with the end result although most of the profit is volume related rakeback and bonuses

1238 6 pak
210 Bonus
-1480 Fixed Limit
490 Heads Up
-478 Multis
225 No Limit
1020 Rakeback

I also had the 3rd in the EPT muti qualifier and the 2nd in the Irish Open qualifier in the month - no £ benefit but getting closer to that elusive seat.

Another losing month at FL is a big concern as I think that has been 3 from 5 months but this is where I generate most my rakeback and bonus. Acid test comes next month as my rakeback will be half what it has been recently so I need to make poker pay next month rather than rely on volume.

Also made a good recovery on sports this month but had very few bets overall.

Football 550
Darts 70
Horse Racing 30
Golf 45

Highlights were Giggs goal mins on spread when he scored a late freekick in Europe and Chelseas cup final victory when I had a wedge on.

Cheltneham festival next month and I am gutted as will miss 1st 3 days as cant take time off work and will only see the Friday live.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I Played a multi table qualifier to the Irish Open 100k GTD championship.
Mega frustrated as 1 seat to winner and I came 2nd ( after yesterdays 3rd in EPT).
At start of heads up was 33 to 10 k and i got it back to 23 20 at one stage.

Ended up being short and pushed with AQ to see he had limped with QQ that held up - however the key hand was a ace 7 suited i overplayed :(

3rd time lucky ??


Just came 3rd in the EPT qualifyer with a seat only for the winner.

Mega disappointed as was never worse than 3rd on final table and got to 3 left in 2nd but chip leader had double me. I played mega aggressive with 3 left but 2 steps forward and then 2 back - i stole loads of blinds but had no hand each time they played back at me.

Then was 3rd decided need to play pots v chip leader and timed my check raise bluff with just a straight draw perfectly to be against aces :(

Ultimate disappointment but played great except last 5 mins which are most important - never mind !!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Satellites running for this on betfair now but $500 entry.

Hence I just played and won a 70$ multi to qualify for the above satellite and won a seat into this event. There is 1 EPT package for every 30 entries in Sundays final so this is probably my last and best chance of winning a seat. However Im supposed to be going to see ASH on Sunday so may have to do a deal with some1 to play for me but yet to decide as would be exciting.

Also played the 15k - all in early doors to treble up for chip lead me 89 called 4* bb raise with 4 callers flop 895 i check.

someone bets 250 and someone raises to 1k - pretty sure Im winning so push 2.5k all in and get 2 callers then doubt I am in front. One has QQ and one K6 (mental ) - hence looking good just need to miss 7 and 2 remaining Q's for early chip lead - river Q - OUT - GRRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Hi all

Back after a week away with work at Manilla. Got back late last night then was wide awake at 330am due to time difference so got up and thought must be able to get a good game on a Yankee site.

I read Vic Chandler has big customer appeciation week this week with some good events so played there for 1st time for ages. I was at break even for month before game so not to good. I played limit for an hr and won $300 or so.

Then I saw a 400$ Multi was starting which is usually above my level but thought would give it a go. It was rebuy / top up with 20 players so I gave it a go but was not going to rebuy or top up.

I played really well and got to 2nd when final table started and didnt top up. After a few top up prizes were

1st 5.7k$
2nd 2.8k$
3rd 1.9k$
4th 1.4k$

Anyway i get to 5 left with 1 bigger stack 18k then 3 of us around 11k and a gut on 6-7k. I really dont want to bubble here. However I played aggressive and picked up pots uncontested to almost take lead. Then Im dealt AK and push a huge raise in and get called by the low stack all in.

14k pot me AK v him AQ and he makes straight on river - a huge kick in the teeth. I go from looking fav for 5.7k to fav for bubble and nothing. Anyway fortunately there was a race in next hand not involving me and the low stack went out. I was then v low and raised with ace jack and got re raised all in and was priced in to call even if v AA - I called he had AQ and it held up.

Pleased to make cash in end but gutted at the AK v AQ beat - I would have loved trying to bully with the big stack towards what would have been about my biggest win.

In the end a poor player who had loads of good luck won so I'm quite gutted

Friday, February 09, 2007


Sorry for lack of updates but any I had done would be boring. Its a break even month so far about £700 profit all of which is rakeback. Im away on business for a week from tomorrow so wont be playing at all till Feb 20+.

Looks like uninteresting month and hopefully I can have a good last week to hit my targets for month. The downside is I will have hardly any rakeback coming in March which usually is my start playing bank for the month. Im booking Vegas at the moment for May so funds will be low might have to go to low stakes grinding.

Back in a week..... GL

Sunday, February 04, 2007



Down v short early when my queens lost to jacks that hit trips on turn - i just flat called but less than 1k left from 2.5k start. Struggled back to 2k over next hr but never in position eventually out when pushed with ace ten to pick up blinds and called by 10 10 in BB and missed.


108 runners 5 prizes 1 wsop seat then 6k 3k 2k 1k down to 5th.

I chip led this after 30 mins but then cards dryed up for 2 hrs - i kept pushing all in with nothing to pick up blinds and survive.

I get to 11 left in 7th but need double up to be in top 5. My blind had been stole a lot as no hand to play back - I decided I was going to make a play v small blind. All folded to small blind - antes 2k sb 400 me bb 800 and I had 11k him 17k - he raises to 2400 from BB and I push all in for 11k trying to pick up 4k profit on hand. He thinks till clock gos down to 1 sec and calls with Ace 3 ( i hate this call ) - I have K 9 and an ace on flop sends me out. Bit gutted but asked a few people and they think my play is ok so feel a bit better.

Always next time ............ ( I HOPE )


Played 3 $215 dollar 6 paks last night on betair - and got most the 1st buy in from a NL sesh.

My mate Carl was watching me from the rail !!! and I want to hire him to watch me again as he was a lucky charm.

1st game cruise to heads up and have 2:1 chip lead when my ace 8 beats a 99.

2nd game - a few drunks on table that I identified early and maxed plays versus them. I cruise to large chip lead and then call an all in bet - I have ten ten v ace ten so totally dominating the guy - however flop comes an ace and Im in the process of typing to Carl how pished off I am in MSN when the one remaining ten comes on the river :) - I was 70 30 to win hand so justice.

3rd game I get a good beat with 3 left with large chip lead when I had 1 pair v 2 pair and the board hits me one of ten outs - then at heads up I have massive chip lead and reraise other guy all in with 22 - he calls with K J and hits a K on flop - by the river there are 4 clubs on board so I need a club for a split pot - instead I get the non club 2 to take the pot :).

I then won a heads up game and yesterday basically recovers my bad start to Feb - felt I played v well last night so hopeful for tonight's big games - Im going to ask Carl to watch as new lucky charm !!!!!


One tip from last night - if you identify the drunks - don't do anything flashy v them as they will miss it - for example I had aces flop J 5 2 I bet pot flop and a caller - I just push all in turn when a rag comes as sure he has a jack and feel he will call and he calls with Q J.


Friday, February 02, 2007

11k update

Just been all in AK v AQ for 6k pot - out comes the queen and Im out - SHAT


4 figures down for Feb within 2 days :( :( :( not good.

I have being playing no limit cash and either missing draws / getting outdrawn or having monster v bigger monster.

Perfect example tonight I raised per flop with J 10 Dis and have 400 in front of me and slightly more than the guy I get involved in the pot with.

Flop comes K Q 8 with 2 dis a nice flop and a pot bet is called. Flop comes 7 di making me a flush what looks like a great card - anyway I bet he raises and I reraise - river is a blank and he shows A 9 dis to take 700 and something pot.

Rakeback due should get me back to evens but not going well.

Im going to give cash a break and play the 11k on betfair now.