Monday, February 28, 2011


Was much better till last few days but will take it.

Darts 100
Golf -80
NFL -225
Horses 555
Rugby -175


Destroyed since last post and just checked my p and l when closed a table tonight and decided it was a very convenient point to call it a month and have an early night.

Probably the month I am most proud of ever (have won much more in a month when won big multis) but basically won so many sessions and just played 1 or 2 tables at low stakes. Also when I moved from NL I also won in other games.

Multi 1800
NL 6525
PLO 1610
RB 65

Sunday, February 27, 2011

GOOD MONTH BUT..............

Have played awesome this month and won lots at 2/4 and 3/6, however was away in Moscow this week and only got back Saturday and went straight to match. Couldnt wait to play today and no tables i could get into on 3/6 and hence joined 5/10 and played and ran terrible and last just over 2 buy ins which puts big dent in this months profit which has looked like they could be one of my best ever cash games only months.

Will still show decent profit but will go back to 2/4 or 3/6 if get a bit more play in.

I went to red square on Friday night which is pretty awesome but was -19 which I think is the coldest I have ever been in, i took glove off to take a photo and my hand almost froze to Blackberry !!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Lowish stakes (2/4 and 3/6) however absolutely crushing this month, however so much so starting to get quite a few games breaking / sit outs etc when join.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Final Table Bubble

I am currently 10 of 11 of 698 in the Laddies 200K GTD and the prices up top are huge (52K 1st!!!), unfortuantely I have 1/8th of chip leaders stack however better still in than out.

Someone just bust on other table so I am 10 of 10 prizes as per below in Euro.

1 52K
3 19K
5 11k
6 9k
7 7k
8 5k
9 3.5K
10 2.5k

Final Table
Damn 9th just won an all in hence i now have less than half of 9th stack so anything above 2.5K would be a bonus. I have 100K on 5K 10K blinds so a marginal reshove stack for next 4 mins (blinds go up) and then just a shove stack.


Just as my superbowl bet lost I bust a race to get right back in game :( FFS

** Hand # 3763671688 starting - 2011-02-07 03:09:48
** €200,000 GTD[3843661]:Table 10 [Multi Table Hold'em] (10,000|20,000 NL - MTT) Real Money

Civel sitting in seat 1 with 514957.34
Eddielizard sitting in seat 2 with 109236.02
SprutArn12 sitting in seat 3 with 215075.40
fodrasz sitting in seat 4 with 473671.26[Dealer]
ilmagowalter sitting in seat 5 with 215598.88
OyvindG sitting in seat 6 with 322406.22
MUHAHAHHA sitting in seat 7 with 758670.50
JeankeNissan sitting in seat 8 with 151232.06
_Tele_ sitting in seat 9 with 371017.36
NRGI123 sitting in seat 10 with 358134.96
ilmagowalter ante'd - 1000.00
OyvindG ante'd - 1000.00
MUHAHAHHA ante'd - 1000.00
JeankeNissan ante'd - 1000.00
_Tele_ ante'd - 1000.00
NRGI123 ante'd - 1000.00
Civel ante'd - 1000.00
Eddielizard ante'd - 1000.00
SprutArn12 ante'd - 1000.00
fodrasz ante'd - 1000.00
ilmagowalter posted the small blind - 5000.00
OyvindG posted the big blind - 10000.00

** Dealing cards to Eddielizard: Kc, Qd
JeankeNissan folded
_Tele_ folded
NRGI123 folded
Civel raised to 20000.00
Eddielizard went all-in - 108236.02
SprutArn12 folded
fodrasz folded
ilmagowalter went all-in - 209598.88
OyvindG folded
Civel folded
Eddielizard shows: Kc, Qd
ilmagowalter shows: 9h, 9s

** Dealing the flop: 6d, 7d, 8c

** Dealing the turn: Ah

** Dealing the river: 5s
ilmagowalter wins 256472.04 from the main pot

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Feb (bar first 3 days as been so mega annoying). Raced to 3K up at 2 4 and 3 6 now back to break even.

POKER - See graph (dont as wont load and cant be rsed to fix) - basically burst out the blocks and then dropped back to just above break even. However, graph only tells half story - versus the same player I have had 5 bets all in at 100BB stacks called twice with 33 and 88 and he won both - I am not mega loose so dont get this (he is lucky both times to be v AK sooted). Also I have had 2 hit and runners this morning and the 2nd one just got the full verbals (mega tilted :( ) which has made me annoyed at myself.

GEORGE OSBORNE / VINCE CABLE - I wish these two ****s would keep their gobs closed, some policies I dont mind till they open their mouths.

1) Bankers bonuses - Government gets 50% tax and 11% National Insurance on them and then 20% VAT if they then blow a large % on goods, or tax if die with cash in bank and try and give to kids - so the people who benefit the most from these bonuses are the government so i wish they would shut up as 2 faced as it gets.

2) Linked to above - loss of child allowance for higher earners. In principle I dont mind this until one of the 2 above open their moves and say why should the poor be funding high earners kid(s). Fair do's but they why should I fund 2 ASBO's who have nothing to do all day except play on xbox with their 10 rugrats that come about when they put xbox controller down for 10 mins.

3) Andy Carroll affair - why dont both sides just say 35Mill and 80k a week too good for both sides to turn down. Linked to above and bankers - why not tax clubs on ridic transfer fees?


ps as I left the amzing game yesterday ( 4 all from 4 0 down) - I heard ine guy say to his mate - I think the sending off changed the match - a job in analysis awaits.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Thats right - PROFIT :)

Tennis -200
Golf 190
NFL -1615
Football 1935
Horses 460
Darts -275

Football - unbelievable Jeff
NFL - direct debit

Take 12 months like that.