Sunday, February 06, 2011


Feb (bar first 3 days as been so mega annoying). Raced to 3K up at 2 4 and 3 6 now back to break even.

POKER - See graph (dont as wont load and cant be rsed to fix) - basically burst out the blocks and then dropped back to just above break even. However, graph only tells half story - versus the same player I have had 5 bets all in at 100BB stacks called twice with 33 and 88 and he won both - I am not mega loose so dont get this (he is lucky both times to be v AK sooted). Also I have had 2 hit and runners this morning and the 2nd one just got the full verbals (mega tilted :( ) which has made me annoyed at myself.

GEORGE OSBORNE / VINCE CABLE - I wish these two ****s would keep their gobs closed, some policies I dont mind till they open their mouths.

1) Bankers bonuses - Government gets 50% tax and 11% National Insurance on them and then 20% VAT if they then blow a large % on goods, or tax if die with cash in bank and try and give to kids - so the people who benefit the most from these bonuses are the government so i wish they would shut up as 2 faced as it gets.

2) Linked to above - loss of child allowance for higher earners. In principle I dont mind this until one of the 2 above open their moves and say why should the poor be funding high earners kid(s). Fair do's but they why should I fund 2 ASBO's who have nothing to do all day except play on xbox with their 10 rugrats that come about when they put xbox controller down for 10 mins.

3) Andy Carroll affair - why dont both sides just say 35Mill and 80k a week too good for both sides to turn down. Linked to above and bankers - why not tax clubs on ridic transfer fees?


ps as I left the amzing game yesterday ( 4 all from 4 0 down) - I heard ine guy say to his mate - I think the sending off changed the match - a job in analysis awaits.

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