Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Almost exactly got back loss of Jan. Highlight was big bet on Wales -3 versus England in rugby at weekend, never in doubt........

Casino -450
Darts -450
Golf -465
Horses 300
Football 1600
Rugby 900
Snooker 150


Just lost another sick 1800$ pot when i waited to turn to get it in and he hits one of 8 outs on river - its how I run at cash !!!

Not great especially when at this point last year I was £13K up versus £2K down on year !!!

NL Won 250
RB Won 55
PLO Won -4000
Multi Won 3175
Total -520

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Month has turned to shit again - I lost 6 all in's in a row for 100BB pots ranging from 35% to 70% equity when all in.

Hit £4K up at one point in month but back to break even now.

I had downloaded the mobile app on Poker stars which is awesome and won about 3 nights in a row in bed for decent amounts, I was starting to think I was a gigolo in terms of how much i was making in bed but hey ho back to reality !!!

6 weeks to Vegas bing it on !!!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Managed to get a tourney game of hold em in today (215$) on stars and to be honest this was last game I could afford before hitting £3K stop loss for month :(

That's the first of 2 bits of bad news, the 2nd is I just lost a flip with AQ versus 55 with 6 left to go 3rd of 6. Prizes were 28k$ 20k$ and 15k$ for top 3 but unfortunately i exited 6th for $6600.

Not going to twist about losing the race though as I ran pretty awesome during the tourney and won 3 or maybe 4 all ins from behind including 2 when Ax dominated by higher Ax and only remember getting one bad beat.

Just checked was 795 runners hence why prizes were decent.