Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Heads Up775
6 Paks-835
Bonus / Rake242
Fixed Limit957
No Limit 4035


1) Big profit for very little play - that's the way we all want it.

2) Played well in Multis - a couple of good cashes.

3) Fixed limit back in profit.

4) No limit form - I have been buying in for 1/2 a buy in and leave if i lose it - this has been working well with many double up sessions and a lot more winning than losing ones.


1) Chip lead poker million final qualifier and blew it :(

2) no cashes in 6 6 Paks

3) Volume of play very low due to work commitments.

4) 100k when I finished 5th and took few bad-beats final table stopping me getting the huge cash.

Year target hit - lets hope i can kick on.




1) Horrid month but recovered 3k from worst point.

2) Biggest ever bet on Pompey landed in cup semi although layed off.

3) Few toon wins with cash on.

LOWS (too many to list)

1) Lost the plot when won plenty cash poker - was betting 00's on all sorts and got into 5.5k£ hole at worst point in month.

2) Online casino when on tilt - need to jack that in !!!

3) Lost on horses again - need to cut stakes.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I hit my year target profit for the year at the weekend (£18K) which is much earlier than I had thought was feasible.

Of course poker can go down as well as up so it does not necessarily mean it is achieved and have dropped £1k since Saturday as an example.

However delighted to hit target so early in year - had two huge months in March and April when I have not been able to play much at all but landed some huge multi cashes although still can't win he key hands at final table of things like the 100k on Betfair.

Hardly playing fixed limit, dont think my no limit game is great but have a system with a half buy in at higher stakes that is going OK plus I feel multis are by far my strongest game now.

Bought a few things for the house and gave the wife some £s for savings so took quite a lot out of the poker roll.

Finally, sounds like we cant enter the team event for Newcastle forum game as all lads at work are on a stag do that weekend which is dissapointing.

Big well done to Azimut who won 2 multis on Betfair in 1 night over the weekend - he then sucked out on me in the 100K whilst playing about 7000 tables .....


Plaed poker million sat - was all in JJ v AK for an almost gtd seat in final but K on river gone - £160.

Then played £500 buy in cash and lost a £700 pot - all in pre QQ v 44 and the donk hits his 4

GG WP and the rest

Monday, April 28, 2008


Played 3 cashes 0

Went out the 100K when picked up ten ten on small blind ended up all in v Azimut on big blind who hit his 3 outs.

WSOPE / WSOPE 67K game - qualified via sat and went depp but just gone out 25th ( 9 prizes 3 mian ones) - I was near last and jammed AK sooted and called by ten ten which held - no complaints though as won 2 v Duffs where he was marginal fav each time.

Also played the 5k and jammed with an ace with 9 left and called and lost to JJ.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Been thinking about this after the weekend - not sure I have the game to go deep in tournies full of pros etc - think my schedule will be as per below.

May - Newcastle GUKPT (qualified with B Square already) & may play a side event if exit.
June - Seen something on Newcastle forum about a team game that looks interesting - no Vegas for me as project go live July 1 :(
July - V Little Poker
August - Few games locally to start getting more live experience
September - WSOPE as part of team Betfair in London and going to take 2 weeks holiday and jst get a late flight as soon as knocked out.
October - Not sure
November - if no cashes in any of above then I think I will use my 10K EUR Crapto package on the Caribbean Poker Classic Cruise
December - nothing unless had a cash and then will use Crapto Package for a possible WPT in Vegas.

Would love to see as many as possible for toon UK GPT so get qualifying - either Sat night live sats or 3 times a week on Bluesquare.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Manchester day 2

Will take me longer to write this report than what i lasted.
1st hand on small blind and big blind took pot.

2nd hand JJ on button - I was thinking this push wil look desparate etc etc.

However possy 1 raises and then a short stack pushed all in. Decision to me 9k left to go to 30k although good chance dominated. However, small stack just looked so weak - I hoped possy 1 had ace x as could not fold and we were 3 way all in.

small stack 55 possy 1 kk and 5 on flop anyway - adios soap 70 oddth

Friday, April 25, 2008


One of the most frustrating days I have ever had in poker - couldn't get moving at all and finished day on 13k chipsish from 10k start and this is about my high point since the 1st hr. !!

Played 9 1 hr levels yesterday - got one high pocket pair in 9 hours (queens) and folded this to a possy 1 limper who checked in dark and flop came 8 high and he put in a reraise - i was certain he had 88 or aa so i put down qq with 8k left and he showed AA so feel freerolling a bit.

Been all in twice when low winning 2 when i was marginal fav but go back to what i think is 700 1400 levels with 100 anted giving me an M in Harringtons terms of less than 5 which we all know is bad.

So early double up on Sat or out in 1st hour looks like the way it will play out - some cards would be nice although I have had to manoeuvre with nothing hence why i ain't really got going as i never hit anything with crap either !!!

Engy is still in also but if we add our chips together we still have less than the 37K average. Last i see Goodwin had more chips than Harry Ramsden.

Good Luck all

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Playing a multi and a no limit table most nights this week.

Ridiculous beats in every multi or poor exits from me and constant winning no limit sessions - I am very happy it is this way round at least till Thursday.

I am draw day 1A which is Thursday for the Machester GUKPT event which kicks off at 2pm - when I played Newcastle event I was home for tea at 6 so that is my first target is to beat that !!! Also getto have a beer with Tony Cascairino as part of package which should be decent crack ( at least for him ;) !!!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

2nd in 6 Shooter

Not sure to laugh or cry - bought in direct 500$ 18 runners.

5 left i flop a straight and raise some guys bet who then calls on a flush draw and hits- then tells me he had miles more outs than just the flush which got on my nerves as he never given i had the nut straight. Got in a chat war with him which I should not have done - need to sort that.

Anyway i was then 5th of 5 with 1K chips but won a race and then pushed in a lot without getting caller to get me back to 4th of 4. He then went out getting me in cash and then I went on a big rush talking the chip lead.

I then played shat - overaggressive and annoyed as one guy was easy to play / read after flop yet i pushed twice v him with moderate holdings and he had me 80 20 and 70 30 both times which held and i came 2nd.

Net pleased to cash but think i played shit last 3 but cash is cash. £1050 profit on game and similar on NL last few sessions so doing better again.

2 Howays

1) Toon Toon
2) Joe in Vegas in a few hrs

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thats Better

Had break till Fri night - could not have played even if wanted to as have been really sick and still ill but slightly better.

Had 4 short sharp NL sessions at 5$ 10$ each time won a buy in and left - feeld better than the last week and may play a multi later.


Absolute quality preview from TeamDobbs blog :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Even tryed STT tonight to stop the variance and suck outs galore to crap reraises who keep hitting.

About to lose last £250 in account on tilt and then going to enforce a break as its really getting on my nerves.

Lets see if i can last till weeekend without game ..............

EDIT took about 1 hr to blow - I am the weakest link goodbye !! (-8K last 10 days sports and poker - get a grip soap)

Frankie Detorri

The horse I made a small investment in earlier in season runs in last tomorrow at HQ with the one and only Frankie riding.

Gutted I cannot go and meet him :( - anyway I would be chuffed with top 6 as giving weight away to a load of unexposed sorts.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Any chance of a break big man?

2 games tonight.

AK reraised all in by some joker with A4 off suit who hits.

then 500$ game sraight v trips which of course fill up on river.


Got worse last night summed up by AK v 88 on AKT board and 8 on rive for 1800$ pot.

Also have a chest infection and mega busy at work but had to take day off - hopefully back tomorrow as i cant afford to be off.

Anyway review 1st quarter v aims for year.

1) Win £18k in the year (7K 1st 6 months / 11k 2nd 6 months) - reason for split is just simply I think I can do a lot more volume in later half of year which results in more rake and hopefully profit.

This looks on track with target for 1st 6 months exceeded.

2) As last year qualify for one major live event (restricted in 1st half of year as cant really get time off) - targets will be UK GPT at Newcastle, CPC and Aussie millions for Jan 09.

On track - qualifed for Machester GUKPT ( 3 times) changed 1 for toon and sold 1 and will play other, Also have a WPT package and a WSOPE pacakge.

3) Make 6k in year at no limit cash.

Up and down - most winnings from multis so need to improve.

4) Break even at fixed limit (profit from rake)

Have not played much and may stop playing FL if I can prove to be cosntant winning player without needing rakeback element.

5) Create a list of players whos table you want to sit at for NL cash.

Done but very small.

6) Make top 3 on a Betfair leaderboard in the year at either STT or MTT.

No where near - plus no volume.

The KQ jokers are beyond a joke

FFS what a run this is.

Played the 500$ 6 shooter in the end and the 5k gtd.

5 left in a weak field for 6 shooter i am 4th 3 paid 1200$ upwards - I raise possy 1 - possy 2 pushes all in (with KQ in early position) I call AK expect a race delighted till q flops.

8 left 5k - 5 paid i raise all in possy 1 get called by KQ who hits again.

WTF do they think they are beating - I run soooooo sick

Sunday, April 13, 2008


KK lost to 99 after losing 3 races for chip lead in 2.5k.

Unregistered from 100k as mind not right.

Will play the 80$ lottery turbo to Laddie poker mill final where u need to be jammy as out - if no good may have a night off.

Also blew every penny from Chelt this month on sports - had a daft scorecast today Gerrard and 2-0 at 22-1 sums up current form with 89th minute 3rd goal lol.

Alos just had someone mouthing ob Betfair after the KK v 99 beat who wasn't even in the hand that has made my mood even worse.

Disaster month except 1 day so far that has civered the sports losses.

Hopefully onwards and updwards and have t play through it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008




Aberdeen 4-7
Leicester 8-11
Spurs 8-11

Doubles and trebles

Back in Buisness - biggest ever cash pot

Just won a 5.5k$ cash point at10 20 NL - i was about 2.5k$ up before the hand but if i had lost it I would have been even for night.

Basically all went in when i had nuts on AKT4 board with JQ v AK and I avoided the 4 outs - PHEW !!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Massive downswing :(

Every time i log on or place a bet i lose half a grand at moment - everything i touch is disaster.

Lumped Bayern tonight for huge losser then did a buy in in 30 mins at 5 10£ NL

Work shite also - in the dumps lol !!!

Friday - update - i run sick both tournies chips in for chip lead way ahead lost to coco's


Need some ideas - Wont be able to go till end Sept / Early Oct by when it will be almost a year since I have been away and have been working 12-14 hr days so will be desparate by then.

Cash no object within reason - anyone been anyway mint in Sept / Oct they would recommed.

Sandals at Carribean looking like preffered option at moment but interested if anyone has any recommendations - needs to be decent weather with stuff to do and if can gamboool a bit a nice added extra :)


Blew £2K last 2 days about 50 50 big buy in tournies and no limit.

Mad at myself yesterday spun 1000$ to 3300$ where I would usually leave table but one cack player - ended up doing the lot across 2 cooler hands :(

Monday, April 07, 2008

24 HRS ONS - Exact opposite

16K all in KK on 5 3 2 board v a5 to go top 3 he spikes 5.

Sat to 5k i bubble and then sat to 30k all in overpiar v flush draw and i hit trips which gives him flush.

Canny night - not !!


Frustrated as hell despite soom good returns.

Played the 250KEUR on Virgin which I qualified for a while ago and came 38th for 1150EUR losing a race to go out which would have put me top 10 - was 50 50 pre.

Then I had 70% of chips in play heads up on Laddies for poker million seat - slow play aces and he flops 2 pair in a hand that if i had raised he would not have been in - I then did bluff with nothing and lost - 2nd was 3750$ and we swapped 10% heads up. However seat and a tv appearance worth 25k$ gutted.

Then Betfair 100k gtd - 2 of us miles cleat till final table then I lose KQ me v KJ when he rivers flush and then all in A3 on J32 board v A2 for big chip lead and comes AJ for split - sick :( bith v same played - I was then 5th of 5 and tryed to jam steal as he was v loose so didnt want him to come over top - I only had K2 and he had ace ten that held - but gutted as he was poor and mega lucky and if i win one of two above hands I think I come top 2. Once again when the prize pool is huge I take some beats at final table :(. Anyway decent return for 5th of 6500$ but 1st prize 30k$ and 2nd prize 20k$

A night of what could have been but its better than getting a bad beat at level 1

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Was expecting 1.8 mad - rumours they will rest a few players etc - but I think should still be too strong

Saturday, April 05, 2008


My biggest ever bet.

Sqeeky bum time for next few hours + I have to go out before end so wont be able to trade unless get in front early. Slight worry that WBA score lots and Pompey dont however I think WBA having a go at Portsmouth will suit them down to the ground hence they can play their effective counter attacking game.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Toon Poker

New Forum with N East schedules etc

Give it a look and your support if from up North !

Thursday, April 03, 2008


2 huge bets at Aintree both lost -£500 then got home at decent hour for once tnoight and did £500 in an hour at poker - :(

Chases at darts did another £500 until got a huge good beat 77 sucked out v 99 for £1k to save day as I then ran that up abit to cover sports losses !!!

Could have been a disaster!!