Saturday, December 31, 2011


Was surprised when I did the analysis today. I knew approx profit was between 15 and 20 so this did not surprise me but I genuinely thought about 75% of my profit would have been PLO - I need to really look at what below means as taking it at face value then I am playing the wrong games. In summary the 1st 3 months were immense and then I have dreaded water since - this is in terms of 3 things - 1) Profit 2) Effort 3) Commitment.

Guess it has been a year of change and I consider myself much more a recreational player now so the profit is not bad pocket money, however by far my lowest profit year for a long time. 6/10 year.

STT 110
Staking -1250
Multi 2570
NL 10385
PLO 3225
RB 3460

STT 110 110
Staking -1250 -1250
Multi 200 1800 -100 -100 -300 -325 -225 875 2350 -550 -555 -500 2570
NL 5100 6525 1550 -3150 875 -1800 360 1550 100 -500 -225 10385
PLO -1800 1610 750 1450 -325 1930 750 -40 1050 -975 -2050 875 3225
RB 65 800 350 1200 200 485 80 60 125 95 3460
TOTAL PROFIT 3610 10000 3000 -1450 1450 5 1370 2465 3560 -1525 -4230 245 18500


Spreads 440
NFL -1200
Horses 1500
Football -2100
Golf 130
Snooker -475
Darts 210
PROFIT -1495 (DEC)

J 495
F 695
M -3025
A -1140
M -1095
J 935
J 740
A -1995
S 880
O 4005
N 2365
D -1495
TOTAL 1365


Big swings and was as high as 3.5K up but downward spiral over xmas.

Nothing exciting to report.

NL Won -225
RB Won 95
PLO Won 875
Multi Won -500
Total   245

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


World Poker Tour comes to Ireland

Probably one of the lowest buy ins for a WPT event and I was thinking I have played an EPT (think I was last), played a WSOP but never a WPT and have a few thousand euro's still from Irish Poker Open cash.

I think my love (and profits) from poker is going down year by year and I know I have spent approax 33% of time on it this year than I have in the previous 2 years so this might be a good final jaunt or life experience as direct flights from Newcastle and is probably easier for me to get to than London.

Anyone else who is playing or fancies it then let me know.


(Had stinkin night on tables after bet below :( )

Tuesday, December 06, 2011



Enhanced Soccer Treble - Chelsea, Barcelona and AC Milan to win @ 9/2  - I had £125 quid on.

88 Mins gone , 3 0  3 0 and 2 0 (Milan) flick Milan game on for last few mins.........

2137: GOALFLASH Plzen 2-2 AC Milan (Duris)
2137: Not quite the way Arsene Wenger will have wanted to mark his 200th European game in charge this tonight - but let's not forget his side were already through as group winners before kick off. You can understand the foot being off the pedal a touch, right?
2136: GOALFLASH Borussia Dortmund 2-2 Marseille (Ayew)
2136: GOALFLASH Plzen 1-2 AC Milan (Bryston)
Unbelievable Jeff

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Form continues with 6th winning month in last 7 on sport despite being the worst punter in the world on Darts !!!

Tennis 170
NFL 770
Horses 800
Casino 500
Football 1350
Golf -25
Spreads -500
Darts -700


My worst month off the year and I actaully think this is my biggest poker loss in a month ever, nothing good to report!!!

Staking Lost -1250
NL Lost -500
RB Won 125
PLO Lost -2050
Multi Lost -555
Total   -4230

Monday, November 21, 2011


Damn bit annoyed - am away this week and got an unexpected session before leaving. Basically this week I had recovered from just under 3K down to around 800 but then just blew the lot back in a session of 10 20 PLO which I aint played for ages.

In summarry got it in with huge draws twice and both missed although one was in bad shape anyway.

Looking like -£3K month as wont be playing this week and that dips below £20K for the year profit, which will be my worst year for 4 years.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Started bad  & got worse and in very large hole already in month and running like shit - I basically rarely play but when I do I get it in quite well for stacks and lose !!!

No magic sports betting to pay for poker losses either - :( stuck in a bit of a rut.

However, think New York Giants are huge at 33/20 or 10/11 getting 3.5 points in the Sky game on Sunday so going to chase lump them !!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Real this time - My month would be slowly away, pushed along to go pace early in race, always behind, progress 2F out until weakening inside final furlong.

PLO Won -975
Multi Won -550
Total   -1525

Monday, October 31, 2011

OCT SPORTS LOSS .............

Don't be daft :)

Rugby 1800
NFL -1550
Horses 820
Greyhounds -115
Football 2825
Darts -440
Spreads 915
F1 -250

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Its probably really a loss but did some stocks trading in my spreads account and have counted that as spreads.

When Casino and spreads make the month, you know your some kind of donk !!!!

F1 -100
NFL -160
Horses -940
Tennis -775
Casino 1900
Cricket -150
Spreads 1350



Out tomorrow and chucked 2.5K last 2 nights so calling it a month now.

Quite pleasing month bar last 2 days.

NL Won 100
RB Won 60
PLO Won 1050
Multi Won 2350

Monday, September 26, 2011


On the chop below the deal negotiations were quite funny and first time I had been involved online.

Basically with 6 left they wanted a deal on chip counts and there was no way I was taking that (as was 6th) but we came to a break so I let them do the math. They all wanted a deal except me so I let them all agree and then I said I would only deal if they each gave me an extra 125$ each.

Surprisingly all agreed except the worst player on the table who refused as meant I got the same as him depsite him having over 50% more chips. Anyway at end of it I just put "no deal - all i wanted to do was stop you all taking a leak in the break as I didn;t need one" :)

2 callers when i shoved next hand after break with AAxx was probably no coincidence!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Just chopped the weekly PLO tourney on *s (the 24KGTD 215$ entry).

Did painful deal 5 way and played for peanuts for winner so was bit of all in fest for the extra 500$ which I did not win.

I got just under 5k$

Thursday, September 22, 2011


First 4 day sof month 4K in front, next 2 weeks lose it all and bit more - sounds like Aug but is Sept !!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Cashed in a stars World Champioship of Poker event last night but was a min cash.

Was basically in it by mistake as had been playing stas then unreg and take tourmey dollars with intention of building up to play a decent sized buy in one but at a weekend. However my startegy cocked up when I qualified for the 1050$ buy in event but only when the sat finished after the main event had already started so launched me straigt into the tourney.

This was basically an all nighter from 1-pm till 6am and i just failed to make day 2 - however been goosed all day and to be honest you cannot be in full time graft and play these through the week.

Not very exciting - built a stack then lost half of it and was always in bottom 1/3rd of field so just sat tight till got paid and then lost my first all in afterwards when short (KT into AJ)- got $2200 from a 300$ s

Monday, September 05, 2011


Just came 8th in the PCA qualifyer for a 15K$ package where top 3 got packages.

I was 5th before exit hand when I ran into AA that had flatted my raise and then flatted a AQ4 flop, I had AT and despit T coming on Turn I was not convinced I liked it but still bet he raised and I shoved and instant snap with not even 1 out to suck out with !!!

Or well :(

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Cocked up last night :(

I think my stongest game in the past has been sats into multi events and in my time I have won / qualifed in quite a few high profile ones sometimes from very small buy ins (WSOPE for 80$, EPT for nothing via FPP points, WSOP for nothing etc).

Hence I noted the WCOOP as starting soon and thought would aim to qualify for the top buy in events as I get very little time to play multis these days and if needed to get time in with the Mrs to play one I thought I might as well make it worth my while.

Hence i entered a 200$ (25 seats gtd) to get in the $5300 main event and a 33$ turbo rebuy for the 10k$ high roller event. I was chip leader in the 10k$ high roller event with 50 left (2 seats) but finsihed about 16th and was never really in it after i ran AQ into KK.

However, in the 200$ event i have been kicking myself all day. I basically was in last 50 with 29 seats up for grabs with an average stack sitting in about 22nd. I am usually good at holding on in this kind of situation and would usually manage to get a seat from there. However with 35 left I made what now looks like a stupid move. I was playing about 43K with blinds 1.5K 3K and was folded to button who min raised to 6K and I had KQ suited in small blind. Basically I shoved and he called for 2/3rds of his stack with 99 and he held (despite decent looking JJ10 flop) and I was out. My logic for shoving was that there were a lot of big stacks on table and I wanted to show my blinds were not just easy cash.

However, today I realise I played this stupid - I should have just let him have it and analysed further whether I needed to make a stand or not - it could have been I could have sit tight and picked up $5200 seat with no risk so well pissed off with myself. I also think his play is awful as he is basically going from guarenteed seat to hoping to get a flip at best and really risk getting his seat - in the end I think a hand I have probably over analsysed but think both of us played this horrid.

Anyway - why all this ......?

2 lessons from this and 1 other point.

1) Always adjust in sats to what you would do in normal multi (I don't mind my play at all in normal multi). (ME)
2) Don't get involved in races / ego type things when already have a seat (HIM)


I lost a flip for a $5200 seat whinge post is probably what this is all about !!! - Did win a buy in on side at 5 10$ PLO which made it hurt a bit less.

Sports betting - another big bet lost today - I am chuffing useless at it !!!

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Golf -800
Horses 560
Tennis -600
Football -830
Darts -200
Casino -125
PROFIT -1995

I am a loser baby so why don't you kill me - nuff said :(


Multi 875
NL 1550
PLO -40
RB 80

Swingy month - raced to £4K+ up in a week, dropped into loss by last weekend in month and turned it around at end. I final tabled the 1000 runner 200$ buy in on Party but lost a flip when 5th to go 2nd (50k to winner) and finished 8th or 9th for not a great deal, however 1st major FT for a while.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ITS A BAD MONTH WHEN...........?

A) You have a £5K downward swing from high point on Sports / Poker.
B) You do your balls on 1st Prem weekend of season.
C) Your mega sick on your week off and spend most of it on bog or helping baby who is been sick / shitting.
D) You have eye infection
E) Your ISA go's down 30% in 3 weeks
F) Your web connection is absolute pants but only after you got A) out the way above.
G) All of the above

PS Do one August

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Worst gambling weekend of year.

Poker -£2.5K and sports almost -£1K (Backed Liverpool, Arsenal, Wigan ....)

THe only good new and hence why the title was I raised into a 3.5K£ profit in 1st week of month but lost 3 buy ins today - all for 200BB pots and all I was fav before a card dealt :(

Thats PLO for you I guess - still a bit in front for poker but not covering sports losses.

Week off graft this week but not going anyway.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


NL Won 360
RB Won 485
PLO Won 750
Multi Won -225
TOTAL 1370

Very strange month - ran like shit and raised into -3.5K position - huge recovery mid month to get over 4k in front and then awful last weekend and just logged off when got slow rolled in 2k$ pot with FH versus bigger FH.

Pretty disappointing month but at least its profit.


F1 780
Golf 75
Horses 840
Tennis -125
Greyhounds 70
Darts -900

Had a sick big losing bet on darts last night to go into loss for month for pretty much first time but then had opposite emotion with 50EW on Jenson Button today at 20-1.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Have not played all week as have been in Geneva and then had a minus £2K day including just getting 2k$ pot in with trips versus top 2 that hit.

Still in front for month but just and now in negative for sports which is shocking given the 2 horses i fancied in month both won.

On plus side my horse Fol Hollow won a poor race at Catterick - hopefully will only go up 3lbs and will still be on a mark it can win off.

PS James Wade 1.95 to beat Lewis in 10 mins - GET ON !!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Found the mojo again and have been doing well at a range of PLO (600 1000 and a very quick crack at 2000).

Basically completely reversed the below position to turn the - numbers into positives. I won't be playing this week bar tonight.

I also had 2 decent winning sports bets but had a good chunk Mickleson at 45-1 which would have changed it into a wonder month but pleased for Darren Clarke.

I also realised the other day that I only every play NL when PLO is not available and feel I have really developed my PLO game to bve comfortable with deep stacks for the first time (I used to run if had trebled stack and similar size stacks at table).

Can't complain about much at the moment - just need a Vegas pass for Bens wedding to complete a nice turnaround !!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


3 days of play and -£3K at plo / NL 600 -

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Love you loads :)


Greyhounds -300
Golf -325
Horses 1775
Tennis -215


Just hit front for 1st time in month with an hour left so packed in lol

Pretty pleased to have not hit any tilt this month as ran horrid in big pots.

NL Lost -1800
RB Won 200
PLO Won 1930
Multi Won -325

Not my usual June :(

Other the last 3 years I have always had an awesome June poker wise and always assumed it was because top players were at wsop and either not playing online or playing half cut. Total opposite this year and I have been in a hole all month and running a load behind EV this month also.

Away from tables I have been travelling a lot with work recently hitting Cincinatti / Moscow / Geneva and exotic Mechelen (Belgium) and looks similar story for next few months.

Sports going OK - looking like a profitable month.

Lastly, my little girl is 1 on Friday (where did that year go) and she makes me very proud and is establishing a lovely little character :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011


NL 875
RB 1200
PLO -325
Multi -300
Total 1450

Flyiing start to month and then went backwards all month, have been a rake whore with loads of bonuses which basically equates to profits.


Last day of season total mare .com

Casino 480
F1 -70
Golf -165
Darts -100
Football -1050
Horses -100
Tennis -90
PROFIT -1095

Sunday, May 22, 2011


1) I lose more money on last day of season every year than any other day !!!

2) I had biggest bet of year on Poulter in 1st round of matchplay (which he gos on and wins whole event) and i back the only time he does not win (tie)

3)Just been slow rolled by some French **** (for the 2nd time) when he has nuts and redraw and i have almost peanuts behind.

4) Toon give up a 3 zip lead to draw 3 3 and cost them a top half finish.

This month (after a good start) is looking like much ado about nothing again. Shame as was 3.5k£ in front after 3 days !!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

March 21 TIp

If anyone is on below to decent money then I would trade stake back at less than 2-1 and take a free 6-1 bet. I have decent wedge on and he just been Nadal for 2nd week in row on same surface as French Open.

As you all know I am a big sports betting pro ;)

Just watched Djokovic beat Nadal in tennis and immediately looked at French Open odds and took the 8-1 with VC on him. I know Nadal is rightly odds on, however I think there is a new sherriff in town this year, and would not be surprised if you get a free bet anyway as expect him to be 5-1 max at start if event.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Total mare month and 1st losing month of year.

Multi -100
NL -3150
PLO 1450
RB 350


No moew bets / poker this month hence an early post of April (mare) sports and poker losses.

F1 -15
Golf -100
Horses -575
LOSS -1140

Sunday, April 10, 2011


April started shat on all of poker, sports and work fronts, however did have superb day today with my little girl at the beach in the stuff that matters side.

However, was just cursing my luck when got top pair and flush draw in on pot on K high flop and when my heart hit on river i waited for pot to swoop my way to be done by nut flush!!! - I check EV to see how and running this month and see I am losing about half of what I should be - not good although could be worse.

To be honest lost the mojo a bit at moment and account is not funded and might just put this month on the easy list as off to Spain later in month.

COME ON RORY IN MASTERS although now a tie with Tiger should be good!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Multi -100
NL 1550
PLO 750
RB 800
Usually would be happy with that but very disappointed for 3 reasons.

1) I was that much up after 2 days in the month after a flying start and 4 times in month I topped £5K up with highpoint over £6K.

2) Ran terrible versus EV (profit should be double.

3) That awful PLO session a few posts below which involved element of tilt which is rare for me.

4) Does not cover sports loss in month.

However, 3 winning poker months in row to start year so happy with that.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Now at stop loss for mare month so posting now.

Darts -500
Football -1825
Horses -700
PROFIT -3025

Friday, March 25, 2011


Just done £2500 in 62 hands at plo600 in less than an hour - not good. Fortunately had a semi decent week prior to that but best I avoid poker for the night / maybe weekend and I cant sports bet either as hit monthly loss limit (-£3k) !!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Just seen Haye v Harrison for 1st time - round 1 total punches landed 0. Harrison total punches landed in fight 1 - worst fight of all time - NAP - some people paid £20 to watch that LOL


Watched my first matches in 3D at weekend and it is absolutely awesome and 50 times better than when seen it at boozer.


Ticket applications are open now till end of April so get your applications in. I applied for every day for athletics tickets taking assumption it would be miles over subscribed - I also applied for tennis and cycling finals tickets. I asked the Mrs if she wanted to see anything and it was Equestrian and thought they wont be oversubscribed so I applied for a few randoms (BMX / Basketball / Table Tennis) around same date.

Anyway before I bore you - purpose of story is that to increase chance of getting ticket you can put a price range in and i did this on all (athletics obviously mega expensive). It works out your bill on assumption you get every ticket you apply for at the top price (which statistically is never going to happen). Anyway I sent my application to the Mrs just to show had included equestrian and she almost feints when she see £4500 cost of total ticket applications !!!!

I have a feeling of my £4500 application my bill might be whatever 2 equestrian tickets and a child are - however she has got me worried in case by some freak i landed a load !!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


As you all know I am a big sports betting pro ;)

Just watched Djokovic beat Nadal in tennis and immediately looked at French Open odds and took the 8-1 with VC on him. I know Nadal is rightly odds on, however I think there is a new sherriff in town this year, and would not be surprised if you get a free bet anyway as expect him to be 5-1 max at start if event.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Had an absolute mare today.

3 Very big bets losing 4 figs making this months sports loss very ugly indeed.

Villa - lost
Man U / Ars double - lost
Man U / Spurs - lost

On top of that toon get stuffed and now facing up to reality of relegation fight.

Also had a 4 fig losing night at poker last night, after a promising start March is fast turning into a rescue mission,


Well almost.

I did not play Sun - till tonight and wished I had not played tonight when on wrong side of EV losing the 3 all in races.

Had a decent week at Centre Parks in Cumbria, 1st time I had been and perfect for a mini family holiday - I left the laptop at home for 1st time for a long long time. I am looking forward to Chelsea v Man City on Sunday as will be the 1st game I watch on my new 3D set.

Baby has started teething so maybe some fun times ahead!!!

Cheltenham was break even day 1, disaster day 2, good day 3 and bad day 4 for reasonable size loss on meeting and is a very poor sports betting month thus far (back to reality)

end of rambling randomness.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

JUST "WON" AN IPAD (updated)

I had a couple of free rolls tonight and in both had a 1 in 7 chance of winning an ipad.

To be honest I thought I was about evens to win one and did so in the 2nd game, although I got a 2 outer suck out on the way :)

Reason I say "won" though is played cash games on the side and had a total mare today, in reality I think I could have bought 3 ipads if never played !!!!

However it is something I fancied although would never pay £500+ for it, I seen IPAD2 out next week so I am already old fashioned !!!

Taking a week off poker this week Mon -Fri as am off work and just going to do stuff with the Mrs and the little one. Had a work do last night which was good crack and had a good few bevvies but got home before 530am this time knowing i had some parenting duties today!!!

Month has been quite a few false starts thus far, however am in decent profit and have a new gadget on the way. I am hoping to get an I phone via poker points in poker shop in next 6-8 weeks or so also so will be back down with the kids technology wise ;)


Nice touch from raketherake - wrote to me and said if prepared to mate month then will send ipad2 instead.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This landed in my front roon today along with upgrade to HD 3D sky package.

Just been watching previews for last hour on SKY 3D channel - AMAZING !!!MY NEW TOY

Monday, February 28, 2011


Was much better till last few days but will take it.

Darts 100
Golf -80
NFL -225
Horses 555
Rugby -175


Destroyed since last post and just checked my p and l when closed a table tonight and decided it was a very convenient point to call it a month and have an early night.

Probably the month I am most proud of ever (have won much more in a month when won big multis) but basically won so many sessions and just played 1 or 2 tables at low stakes. Also when I moved from NL I also won in other games.

Multi 1800
NL 6525
PLO 1610
RB 65

Sunday, February 27, 2011

GOOD MONTH BUT..............

Have played awesome this month and won lots at 2/4 and 3/6, however was away in Moscow this week and only got back Saturday and went straight to match. Couldnt wait to play today and no tables i could get into on 3/6 and hence joined 5/10 and played and ran terrible and last just over 2 buy ins which puts big dent in this months profit which has looked like they could be one of my best ever cash games only months.

Will still show decent profit but will go back to 2/4 or 3/6 if get a bit more play in.

I went to red square on Friday night which is pretty awesome but was -19 which I think is the coldest I have ever been in, i took glove off to take a photo and my hand almost froze to Blackberry !!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Lowish stakes (2/4 and 3/6) however absolutely crushing this month, however so much so starting to get quite a few games breaking / sit outs etc when join.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Final Table Bubble

I am currently 10 of 11 of 698 in the Laddies 200K GTD and the prices up top are huge (52K 1st!!!), unfortuantely I have 1/8th of chip leaders stack however better still in than out.

Someone just bust on other table so I am 10 of 10 prizes as per below in Euro.

1 52K
3 19K
5 11k
6 9k
7 7k
8 5k
9 3.5K
10 2.5k

Final Table
Damn 9th just won an all in hence i now have less than half of 9th stack so anything above 2.5K would be a bonus. I have 100K on 5K 10K blinds so a marginal reshove stack for next 4 mins (blinds go up) and then just a shove stack.


Just as my superbowl bet lost I bust a race to get right back in game :( FFS

** Hand # 3763671688 starting - 2011-02-07 03:09:48
** €200,000 GTD[3843661]:Table 10 [Multi Table Hold'em] (10,000|20,000 NL - MTT) Real Money

Civel sitting in seat 1 with 514957.34
Eddielizard sitting in seat 2 with 109236.02
SprutArn12 sitting in seat 3 with 215075.40
fodrasz sitting in seat 4 with 473671.26[Dealer]
ilmagowalter sitting in seat 5 with 215598.88
OyvindG sitting in seat 6 with 322406.22
MUHAHAHHA sitting in seat 7 with 758670.50
JeankeNissan sitting in seat 8 with 151232.06
_Tele_ sitting in seat 9 with 371017.36
NRGI123 sitting in seat 10 with 358134.96
ilmagowalter ante'd - 1000.00
OyvindG ante'd - 1000.00
MUHAHAHHA ante'd - 1000.00
JeankeNissan ante'd - 1000.00
_Tele_ ante'd - 1000.00
NRGI123 ante'd - 1000.00
Civel ante'd - 1000.00
Eddielizard ante'd - 1000.00
SprutArn12 ante'd - 1000.00
fodrasz ante'd - 1000.00
ilmagowalter posted the small blind - 5000.00
OyvindG posted the big blind - 10000.00

** Dealing cards to Eddielizard: Kc, Qd
JeankeNissan folded
_Tele_ folded
NRGI123 folded
Civel raised to 20000.00
Eddielizard went all-in - 108236.02
SprutArn12 folded
fodrasz folded
ilmagowalter went all-in - 209598.88
OyvindG folded
Civel folded
Eddielizard shows: Kc, Qd
ilmagowalter shows: 9h, 9s

** Dealing the flop: 6d, 7d, 8c

** Dealing the turn: Ah

** Dealing the river: 5s
ilmagowalter wins 256472.04 from the main pot

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Feb (bar first 3 days as been so mega annoying). Raced to 3K up at 2 4 and 3 6 now back to break even.

POKER - See graph (dont as wont load and cant be rsed to fix) - basically burst out the blocks and then dropped back to just above break even. However, graph only tells half story - versus the same player I have had 5 bets all in at 100BB stacks called twice with 33 and 88 and he won both - I am not mega loose so dont get this (he is lucky both times to be v AK sooted). Also I have had 2 hit and runners this morning and the 2nd one just got the full verbals (mega tilted :( ) which has made me annoyed at myself.

GEORGE OSBORNE / VINCE CABLE - I wish these two ****s would keep their gobs closed, some policies I dont mind till they open their mouths.

1) Bankers bonuses - Government gets 50% tax and 11% National Insurance on them and then 20% VAT if they then blow a large % on goods, or tax if die with cash in bank and try and give to kids - so the people who benefit the most from these bonuses are the government so i wish they would shut up as 2 faced as it gets.

2) Linked to above - loss of child allowance for higher earners. In principle I dont mind this until one of the 2 above open their moves and say why should the poor be funding high earners kid(s). Fair do's but they why should I fund 2 ASBO's who have nothing to do all day except play on xbox with their 10 rugrats that come about when they put xbox controller down for 10 mins.

3) Andy Carroll affair - why dont both sides just say 35Mill and 80k a week too good for both sides to turn down. Linked to above and bankers - why not tax clubs on ridic transfer fees?


ps as I left the amzing game yesterday ( 4 all from 4 0 down) - I heard ine guy say to his mate - I think the sending off changed the match - a job in analysis awaits.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Thats right - PROFIT :)

Tennis -200
Golf 190
NFL -1615
Football 1935
Horses 460
Darts -275

Football - unbelievable Jeff
NFL - direct debit

Take 12 months like that.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Multi 200
NL 5100
PLO -1800
STT 110

Well pleased with above as was in 1400 hole on Thur night for month and i never played higher than 3Eur 6Eur NL to get out of it and basically destroyed 2 4 for 1000s.

However, mega disappointed with my play below in last nights multi (don't get to play many) when i was in a decent box seat.

Today looks like seeing 35Mill deal and bye to Carroll and I have 4 points on this.

1) Good deal for toon.
2) Why do clubs give the cartoon of asking them to ask for transfer as if they were not going to sell.
3) Mr Aspers will have a hard on.
4) Why would we need a replacement when we have the magic man Shoila :D


I was 12th of 25 left of 500 starters in 100K gtd and made a truely royal fk up. Dont know why i didnt shove the flop as have him on 2 high cards, got greedy and to be frank played the hand awful.

Gone for 600EUR with prices at top huge (£25k winner dowmwards with 5th getting over £5K

Hand # 3751411522 starting - 2011-01-31 00:12:03
** €100,000 GTD REBUY[3880960]:Table 41 [Multi Table Hold'em] (4,000|8,000 NL - MTT) Real Money

valuebet_ sitting in seat 1 with 97668.50
Golddigga88 sitting in seat 3 with 58792.00[Dealer]
jadedjason sitting in seat 4 with 50111.50
kevytetana sitting in seat 5 with 73521.00
Jaidee sitting in seat 6 with 135941.50
HattenafFTW sitting in seat 8 with 105977.00
MisterVogt sitting in seat 9 with 102527.00
Eddielizard sitting in seat 10 with 68487.00
jadedjason ante'd - 400.00
kevytetana ante'd - 400.00
Jaidee ante'd - 400.00
HattenafFTW ante'd - 400.00
MisterVogt ante'd - 400.00
Eddielizard ante'd - 400.00
valuebet_ ante'd - 400.00
Golddigga88 ante'd - 400.00
jadedjason posted the small blind - 2000.00
kevytetana posted the big blind - 4000.00

** Dealing cards to Eddielizard: 6h, 6d
Jaidee folded
HattenafFTW folded
MisterVogt raised to 8000.00
Eddielizard called - 8000.00
valuebet_ folded
Golddigga88 folded
jadedjason folded
kevytetana folded

** Dealing the flop: 8c, 10d, 8h
MisterVogt bet - 12765.00
Eddielizard called - 12765.00

** Dealing the turn: Js
MisterVogt checked
Eddielizard went all-in - 47322.00
MisterVogt called - 47322.00
MisterVogt shows: Qc, Jd
Eddielizard shows: 6h, 6d

** Dealing the river: 3s
MisterVogt wins 145374.00 from the main pot

Saturday, January 29, 2011



1) Got our little baby christened in Jan and had friends and family over for a do at the house. It is true that babies grow up quick (Pic Zoe at 6 months).

2) NL hold em going well NL400 and NL600.

3) Just seen Keys got to FT of Aussie mills and was 2nd - great effort WD.

4) Turned around decent size loss for month into profit between Thur and Sat.


1) AFter christening I am still trying to work out in a room when I was 1 seat short (people > than seats) I come upstairs (as live in townhouse) and the 70 year old priest is on the beanbag while my less than half that age mates are on the seats !- social skills of poker players eh Ben / Brenos !!!

2) PLO I run terrible and play marginally better.

3) getting dumped out FA cup by Stevenage!!


Monday, January 24, 2011


I really want to play either main event (need to qualify online) or a week out and play 3events - not sure if practicle with little one - lets see.


2011 so far -£1400 although won seat to Betfair London Live (750$ package) in Feb.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


and all Amatay fishies - your boys are dog poe and took one hell of a beating :D

That will be all

Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 SESSION 1

Complete joke with highlight this PLO hand :(