Friday, August 31, 2007


Good month for sports in August which is a good job when you see my poker figures for August later.

Formulae 1112


Fabregas 1st goal at 16s, 4 from 4 bets on snooker and in general profit talking in football when go in front.


Black Saturday on the horses last week. Was £500 up for month on horses then got a shocking ride on something that would have won me 700 quid when on tilt and blew 800 in rest of afternoon showing poor discipline as I have often at poker this month which you will see later. However, would be delighted with more sports months like the above.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


4 left in 6 shooter - 3 prizes £800 £1000 and £2000.

Im 2nd is chips but big stack to my left and he is raising me from SB all the time. Make stand with Ak all in and he folds. Continues to happen for a few rounds but Im getting sick of it. Other two stacks hovering around 5k I have 10k and chippie has 20k.

Si it happens again ( Im a fortune down this month so just wanted to cash ) - Anyway I find Ace eight sooted decide im sick of this and push over top all in - he has ten ten calls and it holds.

Also bubble in a satellite at same time.


Monday, August 27, 2007


He looked a picture today at Newcastle and had his ground the first time for a while. He ran well coming 3rd and landed a return on a decent ew bet. However jockey ( A Nicholls) didn't feel that he gave him everything when asked for an effort.
He may drop into a claimer to build up confidence but hopefully a new jock would do the trick :)
I was their today and hopefully then turn him out quickly again while we have some good ground.


CPC final lost KJ v 95 when he shouldn't have been in pot with 13 left.

Also played the £100 40k gtd was 40 oddth of 300 runners but outside cash when made a few rash moves to exit - cant seem to do a thing at the moment.

Was down at Boro today to watch the toon - draw was a fair result in a 2 2 draw.

Off to toon races tomorrow where the horse i have a small % in Guest Connections runs. It should get its favoured good to firm ground and its dropped in class from recent runs and I personally gave it a decent chance as long as not outpaced early doors - I will be disappointed if no prize money and its my local track so lets hope for a win (something I am not used to in poker world at the moment) !!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hence rather than twisting .

Enjoy below from Kylie you prob aint seen before as banned - vnice


Done almost £2k this month and deserve to have lost every penny.

Luck is well out but then I have played absolute shat as well - and getting worse by the day. I have made some decent cash this year at poker so need to ensure don't chuck it down the drain.
Hence Im going to really limit how much I play in next 7 days and just settle for a big losing month in August - it will be the first losing month since I started my blog :(.

Good news is that I have a good month on sports betting covering the above loss and Guest Connections is entered at Newcastle on Monday so I can go and watch my horse and hopefully its all systems go and we can land a touch but will here more on Monday.

Got a 10k$ freeroll for platinum club on interpoker so at least should be a cheap night if don't go out. Also off to Boro tomorrow to watch Newcastle so that should keep me off the tables !!

Final update is I am trying to buy £500 of Deejay in WSOPE main event for 5% of any return. As you will know he finished top 100 in WSOP and is a player I have always respected and liked on betfair.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Went down to the Ebor meeting with the wife for the Tue and Wed of the Ebor meeting.

I did very well on the Wed with 3 winners winning over £300. Wed I only had one winner but it was my biggest bet of the day which put me in profit on that day also. Then I had a small bet on the Nunthorpe winner today at 19 which put me in profit for the 3rd day in a row.

Very disappointed to here they will move to a 4 day festival next year which seems like a money grabbing exercise.

Anyway car serviced and mot'd then taxed for year today and the winnings have gone. (That's before i lost 3 ton at fixed limit see below post ) !!!!

Guest Connections is entered at Newcastle which is where I am from on Monday. I hope the ground stays firm so it runs as it has dropped 2 grades so in my opinion would go with a live chance.


I make all my bonus money and rakeback from fixed limit and that's what gets me my platinum status on Interpoker.

However I am seriously going to give it up. I don't know where it went wrong as this was where I have made most my cash in poker the last 3 years but this year its loss after loss.

Sessions this month are below which is over £2000 loss and without FL I would be in profit in month. I reckon it will generate bonus of 150 and rake back of say 250 so still a huge net loss. Hence I am restricting myself to a maximum level of 5$ 10$ at fixed limt where i played as high as $20 40 in the past. If I still don't make any cash from it then i will give it up completely and focus on areas where i make cash.

I honestly have no idea where it has gone wrong and probably a lot to do with same username for 2 years but facts are facts Im a fixed limit loser and need to do something about it.


Sunday, August 19, 2007


Qualified for 50k also as well as below.

Betfair 50K out - no cards played poor

Stars Million - Unregistered and took the 215$ to use for something else (twice)

Stars Warm Up - Got to a decent stack of 35k then was last from 300 downwards just tryed to cash and managed to sneak in when my q6 won on BB. Came 230th for 400$. Played well but 1 mistake for 12k :(

Also lost £300 or so on footy today so not great !

Saturday, August 18, 2007

IN THE MIDDLE OFF THE NIGHT....................

Cards have been running bad for me and tilted on Thursday for 1st time for ages.

Was 1.5k up at start of week and now £500 down on month.

Hence last night I decided I would punish myself by playing some low $ non turbo satellites so it was off to PokerStars I went.

I played :-

8$ double shootout to Stars Million Sunday (worth 215$)
39$ Rebuy into Stars 400k warm up (worth 215$)
55$ satellite into one of the World Cup of online poker events ( worth 530$)
33$ Satellite to next round sat for EPT at Baden Baden

The EPT I came 4th and blew a good position - I was chip leader when I check raised with q t diamonds on a board of 7d 8c 9d - i missed and lost to ace 9 and never recovered.

The good news is that I qualified for all the other events ( total value 900$). Some people cant just sit out to qualify and I witnessed some crazy plays on bubble in Sat. I folded qq 99 ak and aq in last 5 hands as no risk needed yet someone when out with open ended draw.

On stars you can un-regsister when qualify and these become tournament dollars - so I have a decision to make. The GCOOP i qualified for isn't until Sept but both the warm up and the million are tomorrow. I am off Monday so may play them both but have heard its about 10 hrs to get to the final table.

I am going racing at York for 2 days next week at the Ebor meeting. For me this is the best racecourse in GB and I love going to this meeting every year. Im off to St James Park today for the 1st home game of the season. My standard seat behind the goal as no corporate freebies on offer today !

As always thanks for reading - good luck and hopefully i can update at 8am on Monday on Final Table of the Poker Stars Million !!!! :)

Friday, August 17, 2007


Good news - received below update today as feared had injured itself.

Got upset in the stalls at Goodwood. Quite unlike him. Has now passed his stalls test and is ready to go and win, esp on top of the ground.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Another up and coming superstar.

160$ buy in - great :(

ANOTHER 16K :( What a frustarting day

Been off work sick with a virus and feel even sicker now.

Got out of bed for poker played 16k up there all the way.

Was 2nd when ran QQ into KK sb v bb to dent me but then sick again.

Lost 2 50 50's v small stacks with 16 or so left and then pick QQ with 12 left and someone pushes all in ahead of me with 66 so I call for almost 30k pot and to put me bang in it for big pay day.

Flop comes the 6 and out - no unlucky or sorry from other player to add insult to injury.

Not my month on the poker but know i played well tonight. I also bubbled in the 4.5k gtd coming 6th with 5 paid so am seething right now.

On plus side had nice night on soccer - layed Reading for 2 ton when 1 0 up at 11-10 and backed Fabregas 1st goal at 16-1.

Hopefully can shift this virus soon as cant afford days off as soooo busy and have week off next week which I would like to keep.

Chin up soap your luck will hopefully change on the poker :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

16K :( and WSOPE freeroll

I came 6th of 400 and odd earlier on a freeroll on betfair which I think is for £200 or so.

However like of info in the lobby means I have no clue if this is true or when i get paid.


Then just played the 16k was lowish 30 odd left 18 paid get KK and double up to 6k few hands later get KK again all in v 66 - you beauty board 2234 river 5

Thanks and good night would have been in good possy.

Off to Germany this week so prob no updates and it looks like August could be a bubble / badbeat month anyway.

Lost a pot over 1000$ on Laddies last night when some bozo calls my all in bet with a flush draw and hits - long run I want them to call but I bet all in as I knew he was flushing - too thick to fold - going that way at the moment.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Working ass off and not getting much time for poker - won a bit at nl cash this week on laddies.

Just bubbled in 3k imn betfair 3 prizes only pushed when 4th of 4 with a4 v ak flopped a 4 but turn k.

Was supposed to go to Bolton today but tickets fell through but great result ofr the toon army.

Totally under the weather this weekend so short and unexciting update.

Monday, August 06, 2007


After donking off a large horse bet footy was back today.
I looked at the teams and worked out Giggs must be up top for Man U.
Quick look on the web and he was 14-1 for 1st goal so I had a score on :)
I also bough his goal minutes for a tenner at 9 and he scored in the 35th minute.
Lets hope thats the way the season will go after the mare I had on last day of last season.

Poker frustrating as hell today - played shit on 50k and passport then 4 2nds in a row at STT's.
Bit up but hourly rate crap.

Went to Thirsk races yesterday and had a couple of winners that paid for the day which always helps and hopefully will make the Ebor at York in 2 weeks. As some of you will have seen Guest Connections got withdrawn after it got distressed and went mental in stalls at Goodwood. I hope its cuts and bruises only as looked quite bad on TV and I should find out this week.

GL at tables boys and girs

Friday, August 03, 2007


Me and John have made the caption contest in the local paper. (Evening Chronicle )

Post your entries in comments below :)

Best one wins tube of Smarties!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


My new small % ownership horse runs tomorrow in a Class B handicap at Glorious Goodwood. I just looked at form of race and it is priced up at 33-1 and I have just convinced myself it has an EW chance - this is my opinion I wont get the word until tomorrow. Very competitive high class handicap but Im hoping we don't get too far detached early then I'm sure we will be running on strongly at the depth hopefully into the prize money. I know I am biased but has dropped many lbs since last win .