Friday, October 31, 2008

RSHOLES (who cant get you) On Line - AOL

AOL - I hope you go bust and asap.

just came 15th in Annettes tourney with 9 paid cos my uselesss connection went down yet again and I was sat out last 30 mins.

AOL getting bombed out tonight - GRRRRRRRRR SO TILTED

Thursday, October 30, 2008



Best month of profit this year and first 5 fig month although I have ran awful and played awful last 2 weeks.

Obvious highlight was my win in the Betfair 55K for over £9K and then I ran very well at No Limit on Littlewoods for some decent profit. High was 12.2K in month so a bit dissapointed to give 2k back. Totally embarrassed at my performance at Stockton at the £500 event and i will never ever fk up like that again.

The month ahead will be little poker - proper holiday with the Mrs to Caribbean and then on board onto the cruise for the CPC.

Looking forward to it as a few people on Betfair going who I ain't met like Wonky etc, and some good people I have met like Dubai, Animal, Temadobbs etc all going to be there. Looking forward to meeting a few fellow bloggers who are going like Amatay who's blog is a howl.

I have about $2000 of vouchers for the side events but to be honest might spend 1/2 then investing in someone in an event - have offered to buy a % of Wonky in main event if he wants it. If he doesnt anyone else who is going to buy in main event and wants to sell a % let me know in comments.

Think I will play main event and 2 others although will see how it gos.



Very disappointed due to 2 items.

1) Was up around 1K and laid Spurs v Bolton to lose 1K. I layed 250 at Evens but when Arry announces they went to 1.8 which for me was the wrong price so layed 1K hoping to trade out early - Spurs scored early and plan destroyed.

2) I was going to have one of my biggest bets even last Sunday - Dallas Cowboys at 5/6 when I read Romo could be back. However, did some proper research before game and learned he was not playing so did not bet. Had loaded £1200 in billies for 1200 to win 1000 at 5/6.

Anyway profit for the month so should not complain even though hourly rate is under minimum wage !!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Could go on for ages but the very last hand I played of the weekend sums it up perfectly. Opponant is mega aggressive.

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 433328912 *****NL $5/$10 Texas Hold'em - Monday, October 27, 01:24:12 GMT 2008Table Carbon 76 6-max (Real Money)Seat 5 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 5Seat 1: Loser18 ( $1,000 )Seat 2: BigJohn101 ( $1,551.75 )Seat 3: Foldy Moldy ( $2,799.50 )Seat 4: KoKoKorsar ( $1,151.50 )Seat 5: suddes ( $852.50 )Seat 6: notey ( $491.22 )notey posts small blind [$5]Loser18 posts big blind [$10]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ 9c, Ad ]Foldy Moldy raises to [$35]KoKoKorsar foldssuddes calls [$35]notey foldsLoser18 calls [$25]** Dealing Flop ** [ 9s, As, 2d ]Loser18 checksFoldy Moldy bets [$90]suddes raises to [$240]Loser18 foldsFoldy Moldy goes all-inFoldy Moldy raises to [$2,764.50]suddes calls [$577.50]suddes goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [$1,947] to Foldy Moldy** Showdown ** Foldy Moldy shows [ 2h, 2c ]suddes shows [ 9c, Ad ]** Dealing Turn ** [ 4d ]** Dealing River ** [ 8s ]** Hand Conclusion **Foldy Moldy wins $1,742 from main pot with three of a kind, Deuces************ Game 433328912 ends ************

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just blew my big chance. Went to Teeside for the £500 event and it is without doubt the worst standard table I have ever sat at for a decnt buy in. Spent the 1st hour setting up an image which worked a treat when I had to showdown some crap hands like 7 4 and 8 9 and 9 5.

However from that point onwards everything went wrong. I made bad decision after bad decision and kep going below starting point. I couldnt get action on the big hands and in general i was getting more and more pissed off with how bad the dealer was and how slow the playerswere. I genuinly think in an 1 hr level we got 20 hands max. They think like 5mins preflop then fold - was pishing me off.

Anyway exit hand is just embarrassing - was done to 6k at 200 400. Someone had raised to 1200 and I shove for 6K with Q6 and after an age they call with 88 saying lets gamble.

Useless performance by soap and I am sure I will check the final positions tomorrow and be very annoyed when someone very bad from my table cashes high.

There was genuinely only one person who could play at the table and the most embarrassing thing of the lot is that I probably looked like the biggest donk.

Massive confidence blow a few weeks before CPC and a complete waste of £500 for one of the most incompetent performances you will ever see.


Just reviewed my target for the year from 1st post and provided an update. Looks like most are in the bag barring some disasters - however would love to make the cash n a decent buy in even if its just beating the bubble - CPC would do !!!

Ok first and foremost I know my job / career needs to take priority in the first half of the year and I have major project go lives in April and July hence sometimes have split aims into 1st and 2nd half of year.

Above was true as my volume is down loads - but right priority as got my promo earlier in year.

1) Win £18k in the year (7K 1st 6 months / 11k 2nd 6 months) - reason for split is just simply I think I can do a lot more volume in later half of year which results in more rake and hopefully profit.

This is well and truly nailed.

2) As last year qualify for one major live event (restricted in 1st half of year as cant really get time off) - targets will be UK GPT at Newcastle, CPC and Aussie millions for Jan 09.

Also nailed - qualified for 3 GUKPTS, WSOPE and CPC.

3) Make 6k in year at no limit cash.

Not sure on this one - it aint my strongest game but working on getting better - hopefully am in profit but need to check how much as very spewy / swingy.

4) Break even at fixed limit (profit from rake)

Will check but now gave up on FL as bonus hunting not as important to me now as results in MTT's have been going well. I now play $25 $50 table the odd time on a weekend with mixed results.

5) Create a list of players whos table you want to sit at for NL cash.

Done but waste of time as everyone else must have same list as I am always like 9 of 9 in waiting list for table !!!

6) Make top 3 on a Betfair leaderboard in the year at either STT or MTT.

Leaderboards now stopped although relaunched for STT but no chance as Punterz wins these by a mile every month. I am going to tick this one off though as if the leaderboards had not been cancelled then one month i would have pished the MTT leaderboard as won the 16K, the 20K and 2nd in the 55K within the same month as well as some smaller multi wins.

Can't beat myself up this year - have to also say I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have tilted in the year which is mega pleasing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Going to play live this weekend and my 1st bash at the GCBPT main event.

Its closeish to home in Stockton which is an hour max away. Its £550 buy in and looks like a sell out. Really good structure and I play day 1B which is Sat and hopefully all day Sun.

I am hoping this is my first major tourney cash in the UK after going close to the money in the last 2 GUKPT events - but more decent experience regardless.

Huge thank you to Teamdobbs for getting me in.

* Damn just busted in a 1 seat only qualifier for a 14k$ package to the Caribbean Adventure on stars to go chip leader with 12 left. Me AA v JJ and flop comes QQJ.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Played 2 sats when got back this avro and qualified for 55k and 16k for less than a £100.

Was in good possy in 55k about 5th with 18 left but just made an ill timed sqeeze with genuine hand. Early possy raised (v loose) and someone flatted for 5K - I thought this was ideal to shove 30K all in with a genuine hand (10 10) however the guy who had flatted had AA :(

Still in 16K 12 left and I am 5th

edit was sitting 4 of 9 on ft - chip leader comes over to

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 430096975 *****NL Texas Hold'em $150 Buy-in + $9 Entry Fee, Level:15 Blinds(600/1,200-120 ante) - Sunday, October 19, 23:09:18 GMT 2008$16,000 Guaranteed NL Hold'em #173583 Table 1 9-max (Real Money)Seat 8 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 5Seat 1: piercep54 ( 36,584.06 )Seat 2: goyring ( 0 )Seat 3: suddes ( 24,209.50 )Seat 4: Cabhan ( 0 )Seat 5: trickydic ( 0 )Seat 6: Houen7 ( 0 )Seat 7: POLYKARPOS ( 7,367.58 )Seat 8: jaral ( 70,833 )Seat 9: Sidew1nder ( 56,478.65 )Tourney Level:15 Blinds(600/1,200-120 ante)suddes posts ante [120]POLYKARPOS posts ante [120]jaral posts ante [120]Sidew1nder posts ante [120]piercep54 posts ante [120]Sidew1nder posts small blind [600]piercep54 posts big blind [1,200]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ 8d, 8c ]suddes raises to [3,200]POLYKARPOS calls [3,200]jaral goes all-injaral raises to [70,713]Sidew1nder foldspiercep54 foldssuddes calls [20,889.50]suddes goes all-inPOLYKARPOS foldsReturning uncalled bet [46,623.50] to jaral** Showdown ** suddes shows [ 8d, 8c ]jaral shows [ 3d, 3s ]** Dealing Flop ** [ 9h, 2c, Kh ]** Dealing Turn ** [ Ts ]** Dealing River ** [ 3h ]** Hand Conclusion **jaral wins 53,779 from main pot with three of a kind, Threesp again i read him as weak and call his all in.

Me 88 v his 33 for the chip lead at a very weak looking fin tab with 4.8k$ for winner - river 3 for 350$ 9th - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Damn just lost a pot over 3k$ at cash when I was behind all the way.

Preflop raiser had A3 and flop off 338 great for him v my overpair. Anyway bad end to good week - off to Espana at stupid o clock tomorrow so no poker till Sunday night multi.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Cannot rely on internet connection at all lately as AOL has been pants so have played cash instead and just hoped didnt drop at vital time.

I played a good sloid session at 5$ 10$ and won a decent amount and then loaded the profit up at 10 20 NL.

Was quite aggressive which worked well when got KK on button and was reraised versus another full stack on big blind. Anyway it all gos in on KJ5 flop and he is drawing dead with AK. Also 2000$ are no longer worth £1000 like I have had it in my head for a while :)

Anyway Little woods cash going really well but going away at weekend for a few days so no poker.

Away from poker I though Wayne Rooney was immense again tonight - I know we like to hail Brazil starts etc but surely he is one of very few who has such unbelievable ability but still puts 100% workload in as well.

Hes like Azimut at 1$ 2$ NL :)

This could turn out to be my most profitable month ever - hit the 5 figs mark at weekend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a frustrating night.

Firstly internet dropped loads including when i had trip kings !!!.

Then with 50 odd left from 150 starters I open jam with 1010 for 10 big blinds and hope when possy 4 calls he just has overs. Delighted to see the coco has 77 - what a clown call that is with 5 people behind.

Anyway he flops a 7 and its hasta la vista baby


I just had one of them cash sessions where you seem to read about only if you are on receiving end.

Littlewoods has moved to a new platform and I deposited £250 for a short session of 5 10 NL where I would leave if lost my buy in. I was all in early on a bluff and fortunatley my opponant was up and down and missed so my bluff won.

I then progressed to get loads of set up hands of me v 2 pair aces v high pairs and a few river suck outs (always v same player). I also played very well at times in the session once I had the whole table covered which has given me some encouragement to start buying in for the full amount as I felt i played better then.

Anyway to cut a long story short my £250 got me about $400 and after 2 hrs i left my single table cash game with over $5000 dollars. Definitely the most i have won at a cash table in one session when i am not in spin up mode (won more at 10 20 in spin up mode but ultimate loser at them stakes).

I like many other bloggers would have written the session up in minutes if was on the receiving side but have pushed myself to write it up on good side also.


Now to ride the tide - I am buying some Barclays and HBOS shares. They probably drop this week again when rescue announced but seriously can they be worth a 1/5th of what they were a few months ago -


I wish I went to bed an hour earlier last night !!!

Bought in to 25 50 $ fixed limit which I quite like and was up about 800$ after 45 mins. However I then got rivered back to back hands for 1000$ pots and was back to my starting stack of $1250.

I was not tilted but seen a short handed 10$ 20$ that i thought i would try and double up on. Firstly i pay off a backdoor flush when i let someone in cheap on turn when i had trips, failing to spot the danger and then was happy to get it all in on board of AQ8 after i bet flop when K came on turn but my opponent was p and down on flop with 910 and i was busto and - £700 for the night.

At least no travel this week so in the UK all week and will probably play 2 multis tonight. Hopefully defend my title in the 55K :)

The horse I have a share in Fol Hollow ran well yesterday coming 3rd and hopefully will pick up a win as flat season draws to a close. Unfortunately my other horse got a fatal injury due the week - RIP.

Good Luck all.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Played 2 multis since and made 2 awful calls when drawing to almost 0 outs each time LOL.

Must have been a luckbox to win :)

Had a decent session on no limit tonight though winning about £800 which more than pays the tournie fees for the above plus another crack at the 55k this Sunday.

Still plan to try and get in the £500 GCBPT event at Stockton in 2 weeks and guess I should get my ass in gear to try and sort out that as not a member of Gala.

Wanted to thank all the people who left there best wishes in comments following the last post also.

GL all.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Best I played for years tonight and getting KK that held up about 5 times helps.

Have to travel next few days will do proper write up on Wed as pretty proud of this result which completes my grand slam on Betfair (Won all major tournies and qualified for live event)

Key hand heads up when he has chip lead is I call a raise from BB with K8 flop 864 and I bet out and he jams all in. The only hand I can put him on to jam is a flush draw so I call a massive bet and he has 9 7 (so slightly better odds for me) turn 4 river 4 giving me the house and about £9.6k.
Other key hand is around Bubble where i shoved with Q9 sooted and got called by another small stack with 99 but Q to rescue and then KK next hand for treble up !!


Friday, October 03, 2008

How do you get rid of a curse?

Had good and bad runs before but current multi run is beyond belief.

Its not the beats itsthe fact almost every time they should not be in hand in 1st place.

16K when deep last night an open push AJ I have KK ace flops.
GUKPT qualifyer big stack get them in QQ v K7 (for so many BB's) - K flops
Then onto cash all in QQ V JJ for huge pot out come sthe Jack.


etc etc

- 4 figs already - tilt avoidance high on my list at the moment.


Poker still crap - deep in 16k tonight someone pushes all in under gone with chuffing AJ i call with KK to go top 3 and a on turn :(

Anyway link to press conference below :)

and even better in audio version LOOOOOL

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i continue to run well

seriously wtf

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 421331296 *****NL $2.50/$5 Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, October 01, 18:03:55 GMT 2008Table Nitrogen 59 6-max (Real Money)Seat 6 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 6Seat 1: disko ( $545 )Seat 2: spackers ( $500 )Seat 3: okelidokely ( $507.50 )Seat 4: suddes ( $389.46 )Seat 5: stokerus ( $765.80 )Seat 6: paulparkers ( $178.44 )disko posts small blind [$2.50]spackers posts big blind [$5]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ Ah, 7d ]okelidokely foldssuddes raises to [$13.12]stokerus foldspaulparkers calls [$13.12]disko foldsspackers folds** Dealing Flop ** [ As, 2h, Kd ]suddes bets [$16.87]paulparkers calls [$16.87]** Dealing Turn ** [ 7s ]suddes bets [$67.48]paulparkers calls [$67.48]** Dealing River ** [ 3h ]suddes bets [$202.44]paulparkers calls [$80.97]paulparkers goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [$121.47] to suddes** Showdown ** suddes shows [ Ah, 7d ] two pair, Aces and Sevenspaulparkers shows [ 4c, 5c ] a straight, Five to Ace** Hand Conclusion **paulparkers wins $361.38 from main pot with a straight, Five to Ace


Worst month for years - combo bad play and bad luck.




Ryder cup was s nightmare :( NFL started good :) and casino showing ugly head again (poker tilt) !!


I could not get in the EPT sat last night as already had a waiting list of 30 on top of the 120 max capacity :(

So just went across and watched a show and then headed back to WSOPE to watch the bubble burst - 37th gets 0 and 36th gets £25K so quite a bubble. I had met James Keys this week who seemed a sound bloke and he was 38 of 38 when I arrived and mega low. However 2 all ins at the same time on 2 other tables and both flips went his way so he won £25K. Great result James well done.

I am on the train now heading back - enjoyed the experience although frustated I had to play the short stack for almost 2 days which limited how mych play I could make. However, have been on the same table as J Juanda, A Bloch, G Smith, C Mortgenson and a few other Full Tilt / Cardrunners pro's. Also was on tv table for 30 mins or so so got experince of the camera's / mike's etc.

To be honest I was not very nervous and quite enjoyed the exeprience although never really been in a good position (best was 25K during last level on day 1).

Thanks to Betfair (especially Paul) for their hospitality at the event and good luck to any Betfair players still batting.

I think Elliot30 is still going well although don't know him personally but play a lot of the same games on Betfair.

My other bad beat was on day 1 bust the button on my trousers within 1 hr and had to walk round the whole day with hands in pockets to stop my troosers from dropping LOL (you fat ******* !!)

Anyway - may play the Gala event at Teeside later in Oct for some more experience) - now 0 from 4 in big tournies but getting further and further into day 2 so guess progressing. I think i finished about 150th of 360 or so.