Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ITS A BAD MONTH WHEN...........?

A) You have a £5K downward swing from high point on Sports / Poker.
B) You do your balls on 1st Prem weekend of season.
C) Your mega sick on your week off and spend most of it on bog or helping baby who is been sick / shitting.
D) You have eye infection
E) Your ISA go's down 30% in 3 weeks
F) Your web connection is absolute pants but only after you got A) out the way above.
G) All of the above

PS Do one August

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Worst gambling weekend of year.

Poker -£2.5K and sports almost -£1K (Backed Liverpool, Arsenal, Wigan ....)

THe only good new and hence why the title was I raised into a 3.5K£ profit in 1st week of month but lost 3 buy ins today - all for 200BB pots and all I was fav before a card dealt :(

Thats PLO for you I guess - still a bit in front for poker but not covering sports losses.

Week off graft this week but not going anyway.