Thursday, July 31, 2008


GOLF -360

Not many bets but decent profit - happy enough with that.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


One of the horses I have a small percent in - Fol Hollow (pictured) runs at Glorious Goodwood in the last on Fri.
Once again I cannot go due to work committments so gutted as never been to Goodwood. Anyway he is top weight in a handicap and probably needs to come down a few more lbs but will get the crack on Friday.
PS please dont lay it based on above - I dont want that geezer from Panorama tonight banging on my door :)


Damn was trying to do work and play poker tonight - bad mix.

I was 3rd in 16k early doors and had decent stack which i donked most off with 55 on 10 high board that i played awful and then called a reraise all in with no more than ace ten to finish out the cash after a great start.

Then similar on cash I win over 1000$ in 1st 10 mins and lose this and my original 700$ buy in with absolute crap play - i nearly left the hand before also which is always the way.

I am very very close to best month of year and if I had left cash after initial 1000$ win I would have been there.

Just going to play 3 cheapish Blue Square Sat tomorrow night to GUKPT, to Maccau final Sat and to the 1500$ buy in event coming up - i will take getting through in 1.

I also have my foot problem back which aint good news - working at home for a few days as a result.

Fol Hollow has an entry at Goodwood in the last on Fri - not sure if he will run yet.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


55k tonight - I was 2nd one out !!!! 141st of 142.

Called a raise in position with Q T spades at lowest level and flop comes all spades. Raising war happens although I have to admit when he jammed i was pretty certain he had flopped trips. Instead he had K J spades and i missed me 1 straight flush out.


I am down in Basingstoke for the Betfair forum game at Duffs house.

What a fanatatsic place and host Duffs and his familiy were - so firstly my appreciation to them.

Friday night entailed 10 pin bowling when i started with 3 strikes in a row early doors :) - but that was the highlight - think I came 2nd or 3rd overall of 30 odd players. Then went into town and got smashed but was home by 2am - 8 hours before some completed their night out !!!!

On to the poker at Duffs - £100 buy in and £30 rake. However, the £30 rake is great value as basically gets you all you can drink, a huge chinese feast and waiter service all night - it really is a great place. It was great to meet people who I have talked to on the forum for years but never met face to face - wont name names as met so many people.

Anyway I got hardly any hands in 1st 4 hours but just remained patient and was fortunate enough that when it got to shove poker - the ones i shoved with crap got through.

I then won a race with JJ v AQ to get chips for 1st time and got to the final table. KK held v KQ to get me right in the race and with 3 left (me, Highstack and Olly) I was clear 3rd. However, I quickly got competitive and moved to 2nd in chips. Highstacks went and I was heads up.

1st was £1300 and 2nd £900 - heads up lasted 30 minutes or so but I never really cut significantly into his chip lead and the lad had to leave for a flight to Dublin so we agreed to push all in blind.

My monster 35 looked bad v king 6 and a king on flop sealed my fate. At the airport now after about 4 hrs sleep and a lot worse for wear. I think I may struggle in the Sunday night multis and even more so at graft tomorrow.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Free advrt for Crapto tonight - 25$ multi with 5 seats gtd to CPC.

Be there or be square - I am playing the Betfair forum game at Duffs so wont be in CPC evnt.

Give Brenos a chance ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just finished playing the 300$ event tonight. Only 90 odd runners which was a tad dissapointing and much less than the live field numbers.

Too late to post details but 1 key hand with 9 left - pot 3 all ins me Ak v QQ v 99 but i missed - that was for big chip lead.

10 paid and points count on GUKPT leaderboard so I am off the mark !!!

1st was 9k$ 2nd 6k$ and 3rd 3.8k$

I was well behind the 2 chip leaders with 3 left but basically went and played some of the most aggressive poker i have ever played to gain a small chip lead - also helped by some decent cards.

I then get all the chips in with 3 left with AK against AQ and flop comes sickest ever KJT - minimum 2.2k$ bad beat most probable 5,2k$ :(

Then I get a decent stack again but still 3rd come over the top of a reraise with A3 delighted to see against K3 on ace high flop - runner runner flush. He didnt even have the manners to put unlucky - totally and utterly gutted. Thats twice in a week for huge prizes i lose 2 consecutive hands when massive fav for huge cash.

Anyway no poker tomorrow - taking the Mrs to Kylie at the toon !!!


Not what your expecting !!! - sounds interesting

Monday, July 21, 2008


Bubbled for a 9k seat to Maccau

3 seats i was 4th of 4 and lost 99 v a5 for gtd seat and then KK v 99 with 1/3rd stack in pre on qt9 flop - totally gutted.

Compensation in the 55k - i got a good beat on way to final table - then got heads up with a deficit but got back to level - however i faded after about 1 hr of heads up and he probably was slightly better - i lost a huge pot with a poor holding but 11k$ for 2nd and my biggest poker cash is nice compensation. I owe 15% of that out in swaps.

Would have took that and a Maccau package so actually a bit disspointed. I have that week sorted off work and thought i was there :(

Anyway gl all

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Oh dear just seen I made a bit of a double cock up.

1) Luton looks like a pain in ass to get to ( I thought Easyjet flew from Newcastle :( and train takes forever as not mainline)

2) This clashes with a week i will struggle to get any days off.



Just played 100$ rebuy sat on Blue Square for GUKPT Luton event and finished 3rd (3 seats) after chip leading from about 18 out but nearly blew it - cards dryed up and won a load of pots with steals to stay in it.


Think of last 6 cash sessions i lost at least 5 maybe 6 - I was 6K up after 2 days in month and gave half that back now.


Work in general - hours huge, loads of travel, constantly knacked and stressed - need time off desperate.

In other news 2 items of note.

1) We sold Guest Connections and since he has gone and won 2 races (both sellers) in 2 days !!!!

2) I just had my gardens done out by professional - looks awesome now - was big £to get done but delighted with it as most the £s werew from sitting on ass playing this game we all love.

Anyway gl all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lost 4 sessions in a row

Long time since I did that :(

Have a new target - I am going to try and qualify for the Asia Poker Tour event in Macau China. I have loads of holiday to take (much more than the Mrs) so hopefully can qualify for a poker event and get a jolly also.

Buy in is 5k$ and have some airmiles if i qualify -I heard that you can fly to Hong Kong and then get a short ferry to Macau - Macau is the upcoming Vegas of China for anyone who does not know with Vegas brands Wynn and Venettian already set up.
Ben / Brennan - I would also go for a weeks jolly and try and qualify via a sat when there if any of you fancy and have the cash give me a shout

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Out KK v AA again

in the 55k gtd thats 3 of last 4 times.

This time no excuse at all - it was obvioushe had aa, i knew he had aa, yet still go bust.

Total utter crap from me - I also played the 1 mill gtd on *s double stack in 1st hr then buest stack in 15 mins playing shocking.

1/10 for tonights performance

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I should be in bed by now (140am)

However in the fortunate position of being in last 3 of 16K versus 2 Italians (now that must be a first !!! )

Luck gone my way on final table winning 2 50 50s when all in and a 30 70 v a small stack. Then lost a couple of 50 50s but was chip leader by then so rather it was that way round.

One of the guys was disco with 3 left for a while and the other guy has just pushed his small stack all in v my AA which held - !!!

Heads up now - me 177k v 127k but he has a really weird style - I think I need to wait to hit but getting cack after cack but will stay patient

I also entered the side pot last longer bet which I have won which nets me 920$ and 1st here is $4800 and 2nd $3200 so decent night.

update in a while with result in case anyone up at this ungodly hour !! (now 5 hrs 30 mins in !!)

Just won once i stopped bluffing the calling station !!

Gutted no MTT leaderboard this month - have now won the 20k and 16k in 2 days I would have been a mile clear !!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


Just spent all the prize money from Friday night in one 1 hr rampage.

Fortunately not on the poker tables :)

As you know i have a 10k$ CPC package which is a cruise from Miami - however you have to sort your own way there - Virgin allow you to get a return ticket flying to one location and flying back from another which sometimes works a treat in limiting the number of flights you have to get. This was a pretty good price at £350 before tax but tax is undelievable > £200 these days. thats like 40% on top of flight

Anyway agenda now looks like below.

Fly London to Jamaica with Virgin (direct)
7 nights at the Royal Caribbean All Inclusive resource (Sandals) - costly but looks mint.
Fly American airlines direct to Miami
Intercontinental near the port of Miami for a day and a half
Set sail for 7 days around 3 Caribbean islands and loads of poker
Return to Miami port and fly that evening with Virgin direct from Miami to London

Looks mint - unfortunately 4 months away as cant wait already.

Sunday, July 06, 2008



Still plenty donks - I raise at 25 50 to 300 and get 4 callers with 1010.

Anyway flop a nice looking AA10 - someone comes over the top of my bet - sweet - he shows A2 - wtf !!!! ? - river 2 for 9k pot early doors.


Think this is worse - I lose some stack early and have 1600 at 10 20 levels. me qq - table donk raises to 336 at 10 20 levels - I shove for 1400 - they call KT off - q on flop followed by J and A to make coco the straight.

40k Crapto exit to follow once i get donked

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Winner of the Annette 20k$ gtd tonight for 6k$.

I had big chip lead with 6 left nad once again found myself in the scenario of a big hand v 2nd chip leader.

I raised with 10 10 and he reraised me and I choosed to fold this time. Anyway 3 left I get a bit of luck when my K J sooted (loose callof reraise) flops 2 of the suit and hits when all in on turn versus QQ. I then have 4:1 chip lead and flop a set and wonder how to get cash out of it till my opponant pushes all in with air so no stress.

Only bad news is leaderboards are not running this month else I would have had very good start. However, aint won that Multi before as quite new and nice to get a win under belt again.


Just back from Germany and seen the news that "mad" Marty is now a WSOP bracelet winner after winning the pot limit omaha event.

This means I can now say I have played on the same table as a WSOP bracelet winner as he was at my table at Manchester GUKPT !!

Also I wanted to wish the best of luck to "Team Betfair" and other forumites who are playing the main event - I have a feeling Azimut is going to do something thisy year !! (which probably means he is already out to make me look stoopid !!).