Sunday, September 30, 2007


Good month but after 1st week I was 2.5k up so dissapointed from that point.

Formulae 1310
Horses 338
Profit 1052


1) England match where I had 3 goal minute bets and they all scored.

2) Wide range of sports showing a profit on.


1) Owens 90th minute miss when rounded keeper.

2) A £10 Torres Goal minute bet that was unmatched on SPreadfair that would have netted me 1.8k.

Overall poker + sports for a month a new loss. :(

Good riddance to September lets hope October gos better.


Shocking month - shocking luck - shocking play.

6 Pak-560
9 seater-55
Heads Up120
Rake / Bonus608


Was going to put none but I guess getting fixed limit in profit is progress.


1) Multi form awful only one final table in month.

2) Bad beats r us in multis - 1 outers 3 outers etc etc.

3) Played when mega busy / stressed when come home from work. Action is I wont play if mindset is not correct.

My resolution of 9 winning months in 12 is in trouble now when I was cruising winning the first 7 months but now 2 losers on bounce.


Tonights beauty. Mega short in 50k push with Jack 9 with 40 odd left called by Jack 3 flop lovely looking 6 8 10 river 3 - out - sums up the month perfectly. One hand in 3 hrs JJ.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Newcastle well and truly hammered and Sheff united comfortable winners = a small loss.

However, I am gutted on Liverpool game. I have seen Torres a few times and he looks like one of the best strikers I have ever seen. I heard last night he was a likely starter so put up £10 on his goal minutes on the spreadfair site (like betfair but spreads) at 17. This was unmatched and was trading at 22 tonight. He scored a hatrick with goal mins over 200 so would be 200-20 * 10 eg £1800 profit for about £180 risk which would have been my biggest ever spread return - GUTTED.

I did buy total games in Sheff United game at 2.8 for £100 and it was 5 0 so a nice profit there.

Playing 1st game poker for a while tonight - the 110k Gtd on Mansion with 600 runners hence 50k of added value. If you play 1 multi a week it should be the £110K gtd on Mansion on a Tue night as nearly always 40-50k off added value and only £50 to play.

Good luck all

Monday, September 24, 2007

Carling Cup

I think Newcastle are very nicely priced v Arsenal reserves. Newcastle have a few injuries but will be putting out best possible team where as Arsenal will play the reserves. I think what is significant is many of the kids who have done so well in recent years are now 1st team so probably will not play.

Recommended Bets below all with Laddies

4 pts win Newcastle 4-1
2 pts Viduka first goal 9-1
1 pt Martins first goal 9-1 (owen is out)

Elsehwhere Sheff Utd are overpriced at 8-15 with William Hill to beat Morecambe 5 pts win.

This is my 2nd night off poker - may play the 110k gtd on Mansion tomorrow if can be arsed. Currently about £500 down on month for poker which would be losing months in a row :(

Sunday, September 23, 2007



11k - now a rebuy I getto 2nd and then blow all chips combination bad beats and bad play.

16k - 40 odd left below hand to go 2nd and be in decent position.

50k gtd qualifyer - play for a while then remember cant play anyway tomorrow - sat on same table as mouthpiece Chelsea M - just decide to chuck them in as cant stand even sitting at the same table as the guy talking his crap and this will take hrs and I cant play anyway

Had better days, weeks etc - hope I can take a break till next weekend and resist temptation to play. Boss off for 2 weeks plus so will have even more on plate than have had last month and that wont equate to winning poker.

Toon home to West Ham tomorrow then few bevvies watching Man U Chelsea then taking wife to see Ms Stefani so at least thats Sunday with no poker sorted.

BIG CONGRATS TO HIGHSTACKS on his new arrival - good luck all

Thursday, September 20, 2007


poker either crap or not playing so sticking to horse updates !!!

He runs again at Ayr tomorrow - however 5 furlongs and soft ground - in my opinion not really in its favour so hopeful rather than confident.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Runs at Thirsk 4pm tomorrow. Ground advertised at good to firm and I think has a decent chance - should be about 7-1 - EW bet advised.

UPDATE - Fav looked very well handicapped and came a creditable 2nd - hopefully gos at Ayr on Friday

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Still not running well and hence have been playing low value sats to bigger events. This has been frustrating with a few bubbles and then a quick beat in main event.

Im also not feeling great at the moment health wise and am trying to fight off a virus without talking any sick days which is proving hard.

Anyway onto the point of this post. The finale of the gold cup of poker is on Chrpto today - 1k$ buy in and 250k gtd. I try d to qualify but failed. However, some one from the forum has backed me to talk part so i will be in that from 4pm. The structure mirrors the wsop with 20k starting stacks and I think this will take 10-12 hrs. If i am still in at midnight i will start to get excited. Thanks to my backer - I hope i can bring my A game and run a bit better to bring home a return.

gl all unless you all in v me in gold cup :)

UPDATE - Came 80th of 200 and odd - top 30 paid - played really well 1st hr and got to 28k but this was highest i ever got. Eventually went after 4 hrs when reraised what I thought was a button steal on my BB and he had genuine hand (KK)

Friday, September 14, 2007


Few links to some good poker blogs on the right of mine - some of the first ones I go to are :-

1) Azimut - fellow North Easterner - takes poker very serious but nice blend of poker articles with pish pulling fun articles also.

2) Highstacks - always one of my favourite reads and always guaranteed to have the c*** word in every post.

3) Bluescouse - young kid who made it big then lost it all then made it big then lost it all etc etc - now playing with borrowed money :(

4) Smartmoney - 1$ 2$ NL player who has made over 200k$ at this level over a couple of years - superb poker strategies but blog all the better for the 12 days of Titmus posts recently !!

5) UK Gatsby - Again a fellow North Easterner - mainly a £2 and £5 player who seems to have final table after final table - has his very own award ceremony the Gatsbys each month.

If you enjoy reading poker blogs then you will find these entertaining - all linked on the right.

Ps any of the 5 above who read this cheques made payable to soap enterprises plc - thanks :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


3 games tonight bad beats in all 3 now in the minus column for the month.

I have qualified for 2 Stars events 500$ and 300$ and a Interpoker event for 200$ tomorrow. Apart from them going to try and lay off the poker - not enjoying it at all at the moment and also my job is horrid at moment hence mindset is shat.

Need to gamble on something though !!!!! - Premiership back on Sat

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Everything going wrong.

Tourny played the 200$ on Betfair raise ir up AK flop Aj4 bet almost pot one caller - turn non dangerous 6 but I checked ( to call ) small bet and then i call a non dangerous river. Enigma shows 66. Absolutely pathetic play by him in my opinion - he then types well i wasnt sure you had got any of the flop. I cant think of any possible hand I could hold that I would raise pre flop with that makes his call any good. Shortly after Ak v 99 and river ace out.

Now 2 big cash pots in row - SB AK flat calls v my BB 93 sooted flop AK4 all my soot - turn is a blank and get them all in of course river ace for another 700$ down drain. 2 Hands later I raise AK sooted and only have 220$ lefy flop Q43 two of my suit i bet get reraised and jam v QJ miss the lot another 250$ gone.

Now zero in Betfair to go with Interpoker - only Stars I have cash in at minute.

I did win a EPT qualifyer to final stage last night - 33$ buy in for 1000$ + 50$ seat but have unregisted to take it as tournie dollars in my account to play some of the WCOOP games.

Anyway off to bed in huff -


I played one of the gold cup of poker events on crapto tonight for 1 min 31 seconds :D

Im dealt KK hand 2 blinds 15 30 possy 1 min raise to 60 possy 2 calls I have KK in possy 6 and make it 240 possy 1 folds and then possy 2 jams all in for 5k - what should be the move.

I called he had AA and I was out. Had possy 1 made the same move i would have 100% folded I just couldnt understand how possy 2 could have AA after a min raise low blinds and then flat call.

Anyway thats Interpoker account skinted :(

I then played a satellite to get in the big 150k$ gtd worth 500$ where 3 qualifed and of course i was 4th of 25 - cant do a thing right at the moment at poker.

On plus side in the England game at weekend I played the spreads - I thought Israel would be poor hence wanted to buy some England player goal minutes. I decided to go with one up top one in the middle and one at the back.

I had £5 Owen at 23
£3 S W Phillips at 7
£3 Richards at 3

A pleasing match :) - However I was still cursing at end when Owen went round keeper and missed - that would have been £400 and odd more.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


As I write this I am steaming.

Loads of issues again on betfair tonight so I played the 6k shooter for 500$ as only 10 in so 1k$ value. Get down to 3 left hence in cash with no real issues then have chip lead and get a bit of luck to take out 3rd when board pairs for my top pair to beat his 2 pair.

Then heads up I have chip lead but guy is pushing all in all the time. He has already sucked out a split pot my kk v his ak.

Anyway I consider this to be one of the worst calls I have ever seen by a player. Play gos like the below - can some1 let me know if any sense at lal in his call as i just cant see how he can be anything better than 30%.

Me 13k Him 10k

blind 200 400 me small blind dealt AK sooted - i limp to 400 he raised 1250 and I push all in for 13k. He then calls with A2 off suit and off course hits the 2 to win and shortly after wins the 3k$ prize (2nd 1.8k$) - that's the 2nd time the same player has sucked out v me heads up in 6 shooter in hands I cant see how they can play. Of course I want the call - but I cant fallback on variance and long terms as 6 shooter a bit out my prize range so really annoying when has happened twice v him. I wasn't very complimentary when he put sorry either which Im a bit annoyed at myself over.

Anyway at least 1300$ profit on game which is decent off late but would have been nice to update blog with a win as its been a while. Im also gutted I didn't log on to Betfair when it came back up at 858pm as there was a 4k gtd at 9 for 200$ and only 3 runners - gutted i missed that 1st 2000$ 2nd 1000$ would have been sweet.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


As readers know Betfair is probably my favourite site mainly because of the forum community.

But jeez what a week Betfair have had - total joke.

1) They advertise the WSOPE for weeks Super Sunday 2 big events with loads of seats given away. In first game some people start with 5k chips and some with 2.5k chips and takes them 45 minutes of play to cancal. Loads of people that built up stacks unhappy all could have been avoided if they cancelled in 5 mins.

2) The WSOPE 500$ qualifyer starts hrs later and has the same issue - this time they dont cancal - total joke.

3) The forum game registration is on betfair for a live event registartion closed at 1am and unbelievably the game starts up - PMSL.

4) I get a mail on mercandise mountain asking to click below to give my address for the few freebies - click it and address does not exist.

5) Tonight in the 20k gtd a bounty on Sam Torrence and he aint even registered.


The nag I have a small % in came 2nd today only beaten a head at Redcar today in the 300.

I think it has a mind of its own as didnt seem to be wanting to race early today but then finished like a train. It needs firm ground so heopfully will reappear soon off current mark and hopefully grab a win before the season is out.

Redcar 3:00
1st (5) John Keats 4-1
2nd (2) Guest Connections 6-1
3rd (1) Dakota Rain 9-4 Fav
9 ran

I had a smallish bet at 9.odd last night so a bit gutted didnt get up.

Monday, September 03, 2007


I was playing 2.5$ 5$ NL on Betfair last night and my mate rung up said I was playing with Sam Torrence. A player at my table had the name torrence.s but supposedly he was a bounty in the WSOPE and was the real Sam the Man.
Anyway he wasn't the greatest player in the world but was by no means totally awful - you could tell stakes didn't mean much to him as he fired numerous pot size bluffs.
Anyway some muppet comes to the table and starts telling Sam how bad he is - that he never folds etc etc. Why do people do this - they should be happy to play with players if they are as bad as they make out - thick muppets. Anyway 1 guy gives Sam a bit crap who calmly just puts lol then night when he wins a big pot to skint the other player and Sam types "night"!!!
I got some good hands v Sam and took 4 buy ins from the table so a top night for me. I asked Sam best moment - putting the winning putt in Ryder Cup or when captain when won Ryder cup - his answer captain by miles.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Bad month and the first losing month I have had to post since this blog started. Fixed limit a disaster and my luck is awful in multis summed up just now when my AK was beat by A9 when both all in with 16 left in 16k to go 5th. However, I'm not hiding I also played poor at times this month and haven't raked much so start next month immediately on the battlefield !!

6 Pak642
Fixed Limit-2587
Heads up -45
No Limit 965
Total Loss-966


Very few - I think qualifying for 2 *s events next month for small buy ins was one and my NL profit another.


Blowing the 6 shooter the over night when I should have guaranteed a return of £800. Donking some multis and lack of fortune in multi's then tilting a bit. Also was over £3k up at one point on sports and poker for month and finish month in front by skin of teeth when combine them.