Sunday, September 23, 2007



11k - now a rebuy I getto 2nd and then blow all chips combination bad beats and bad play.

16k - 40 odd left below hand to go 2nd and be in decent position.

50k gtd qualifyer - play for a while then remember cant play anyway tomorrow - sat on same table as mouthpiece Chelsea M - just decide to chuck them in as cant stand even sitting at the same table as the guy talking his crap and this will take hrs and I cant play anyway

Had better days, weeks etc - hope I can take a break till next weekend and resist temptation to play. Boss off for 2 weeks plus so will have even more on plate than have had last month and that wont equate to winning poker.

Toon home to West Ham tomorrow then few bevvies watching Man U Chelsea then taking wife to see Ms Stefani so at least thats Sunday with no poker sorted.

BIG CONGRATS TO HIGHSTACKS on his new arrival - good luck all

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