Sunday, September 16, 2007


Still not running well and hence have been playing low value sats to bigger events. This has been frustrating with a few bubbles and then a quick beat in main event.

Im also not feeling great at the moment health wise and am trying to fight off a virus without talking any sick days which is proving hard.

Anyway onto the point of this post. The finale of the gold cup of poker is on Chrpto today - 1k$ buy in and 250k gtd. I try d to qualify but failed. However, some one from the forum has backed me to talk part so i will be in that from 4pm. The structure mirrors the wsop with 20k starting stacks and I think this will take 10-12 hrs. If i am still in at midnight i will start to get excited. Thanks to my backer - I hope i can bring my A game and run a bit better to bring home a return.

gl all unless you all in v me in gold cup :)

UPDATE - Came 80th of 200 and odd - top 30 paid - played really well 1st hr and got to 28k but this was highest i ever got. Eventually went after 4 hrs when reraised what I thought was a button steal on my BB and he had genuine hand (KK)

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