Saturday, September 08, 2007


As I write this I am steaming.

Loads of issues again on betfair tonight so I played the 6k shooter for 500$ as only 10 in so 1k$ value. Get down to 3 left hence in cash with no real issues then have chip lead and get a bit of luck to take out 3rd when board pairs for my top pair to beat his 2 pair.

Then heads up I have chip lead but guy is pushing all in all the time. He has already sucked out a split pot my kk v his ak.

Anyway I consider this to be one of the worst calls I have ever seen by a player. Play gos like the below - can some1 let me know if any sense at lal in his call as i just cant see how he can be anything better than 30%.

Me 13k Him 10k

blind 200 400 me small blind dealt AK sooted - i limp to 400 he raised 1250 and I push all in for 13k. He then calls with A2 off suit and off course hits the 2 to win and shortly after wins the 3k$ prize (2nd 1.8k$) - that's the 2nd time the same player has sucked out v me heads up in 6 shooter in hands I cant see how they can play. Of course I want the call - but I cant fallback on variance and long terms as 6 shooter a bit out my prize range so really annoying when has happened twice v him. I wasn't very complimentary when he put sorry either which Im a bit annoyed at myself over.

Anyway at least 1300$ profit on game which is decent off late but would have been nice to update blog with a win as its been a while. Im also gutted I didn't log on to Betfair when it came back up at 858pm as there was a 4k gtd at 9 for 200$ and only 3 runners - gutted i missed that 1st 2000$ 2nd 1000$ would have been sweet.

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