Sunday, November 30, 2008


Casino -100
F1 -70
Horses -127
NFL 830
Specials -30

Just had a sick loss - back Green Bay to be profit for month and equal and 1st and goal at the 1/2 yard line and they lose !!!


FL -305
MULTI 22425
NL -2067


1) Winning the 100K on *s (I also cashed tonight 20 oddth but lost AQ v KJ to go top10 with 20 odd left)

2) Played 3 live events at CPC and final tabled in 2. These ae my 1st decent large buy in live events and I was starting to think I was an open book. I have been told since I just look miserable and angry live regardless of hand !!!

3) Bursting through the £100k profit barrier since blogging.

4) The CPC trip itself (away from poker)


1) I keep going to 5 10 and 10 20 for a spin up when i get a decent MTT win. This is stupid and I should just treat myself to a big multi buy in instead.

2) Played a bit high stakes FL and dissapointed have not beat game as some horrid players the times i joined.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Had a shot at high stakes cash last few days and donated somewhere between 2.5k and 3k without any badbeat stories.

won't be doing that for a while - totaly outclassd and waste of some hard earned cash.

The ECOOP is running on Bluesquare with some decent events coming up and i wished i had just treat myself to an expensive buy in rather then playing when am probably worst at table - pretty stupid in all honesty.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is how the long throw is done in style :)


Just updated my records from my recent live results and have seen I have just achieved my 1st major milestone.

I have just broken the £100K profit barrier since starting to keep records. (started Nov 06 when blog started).

Massively pleased with this number especially at the entry $ that I play which are not huge.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Went something like this.

Good starting table with no great players at it - slow accumulation from 10k to about 13K. Moved to probably the most aggro table going including Dubai, Flushy, WillyWonker, Scottish Mark, Greco - most of which had stacks and it was obvious was going to be some big hands. Foruntunately, I had position on Dubai who was raising nearly every pot and then also picked up 2 big pairs that both held and got paid.

Got up to 39K on that table before I was moved and lost a big race to go into the danger zone with twenty odd left and 18 paid. I may just have been able to limp into money but when there was 2 all ins ahead of me I decided to go for it with AK and tripled up v JJ and 1010 to take me to 70K or so. I struggled to take advantage of the bubble though as bigger stacks doing it before me and i didnt really have the stack to reraise.

Eventually we are down to 10 and at 1 table and we are to play down to 9. Small stack shoves and I pick up KK in BB and this makes a house against a smaller house when his QJ hits QJJ but fortunately a K on board also.

Come back 6th of 9 and basically have decided in 1st 2 levels to sit quiet as moving from 9th to 7th would be 5k to 11k. I got no hands at all bar AJ which i raised in early and folded to a Scandi push (not sure if this was a good fold) - eventually 2 go out but I am down to less than 10 big blinds. Folded to me in small blind and QT looks ok to push 50k to pick up the 14k in the middle but BB has AQ and I am gone 7th for 11,100.

Pleased with the case as had sat'd into event but could not help looking at prizes 1 2 3 4 at 90k 48k 28k and 22k and thinking what might have been !!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Quick post from Miami.

Came 7th in the main event for 11K$ - pleased to make final table although a little disspointed not to get going at final table. In the end was 7th and pushed from SB with QT called by BB with AQ so running pretty thin.

Will post more when back but total of 15K$ cashes from the cruise is good news.

Long day ahead as arrived in port at 7am and do not fly till 8pm tonight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Cruising is good es[ecially when there is poker on the night time!!!

Anyway after 8 days in jamaica / Miaimi with no bets or poker I was desperate for a game.

Played the 300 and got one of the biggest shaftings I have had for a while. To cut a long story short I trapped someone with QQ and then on QT2 flop managed to check and get them all versus 99 to get 9k chips early doors versus 3K average - but no Turn K river J and I am out to a straight !!!

Better luck in the 400 - I played very well and got to the final table. Then with 6 left I was 5th or 6th and prizepool massively top heavy i came over the top of a raiser and we were all in me JJ v AK suited and winner of the pot has big chip lead with 5 left and 12k$ for winner.

Q66 turn 2 river K :( - a bit gutting but I have won my share of races when it matters of late so fair enough. $2250 for 6th pays most the Jamaica part of the holiday.

Main event starts on Friday which is 2500$ but I dont expect a big field and I will probably play the 500+50 tomorrow night.

Met a few new faces like Amatay plus the regulars and all is well.

Good luck whatever you are playing !!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ready for the Off

Leave Fri night to London then London to Jamaica on Sat cant wait.

Week later board the poker cruise at Miami for the CPC. I was not sure what to expect as never been on a cruise before but it seems to be like a floating metro centre with loads to do !!!!

Check it out;jsessionid=0000BJFp1Ib2KOt0cPKjB25xzBb:13dlld2uf?shipClassCode=FR

I want to make a vast improvement on my recent live effort and will play 3 events including the main event and I am setting myself a target of a minimum of 1 cash hopefully via a final table.

Probably last post before I head off and I seen that its 55$ for 2 hrs on the ship so unless I run mega deep sont expect much update wise !!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


OK went something like this.

Almost 400 runners $320 entry. Sucked out early when had AA v JJ but J flopped but then my 2 outer A on turn. Then picked up a lot of chips to be top 10 early doors.

Basically accumulated and accumulated without going to many showdowns and was still top 10 when cashed with 45 left. No big dramas to make final table and be gtd 2k$ with 9 left.

I was 2nd with 135K and i pick up AK on SB - a guy raises to 12K i reraise to 30K - he shoves and I fold. This hand has had loads of debate on Betfair and loads of people think I played this wrong / spewy. I totally disgree and think I played it perfect. I think I am racing at best and because FT prize money is so high there is no way I want to race as if lose am going to pick up 2k$. By not racing my EV would be probably 4th or 5th which was 10k$ - also i believe I am racing at best and this is confirmed when the guy tells me KK and names suits and I didnt have K of the suits he named. Anyway I fold but then put pressure on same guy with reraises later which I think he is going to give me credit for AA type hands.

9 handed for ages and then people started to fall. I get to 4 left and am in 2nd and talk of a deal talks. However, I dont fear any of them and when I am offered les than what it pays for 2nd I turn the 4 way deal down. I quickly drop back to 3rd in chips and worry a little but then eliminate a player to go chip leader. Shortly later the other 2 clash and we are heads up and he has a 20% chip lead. I quickly win a few hands and then a huge hand puts me 700 200 up and its all over shortly later when i had raised with 10 8 and he pushes all in out of position on 10 4 2 flop and i cant see a hand he would push with that I am not beating and he turns over A4 and i hold.

Very nice and my most prestigious win - feel like I played really well but then look back to AA v JJ hand and reminds me luck also plays a big part - could have been an early night.

Then Betfair 16K tonight I get dealt AA and play it different to norm. I am already 4th and this is to go to 11K with next biggest stack at less than 5K !!!

Seat 1: suddes ( 4,290 )Seat 2: CAPTAIN 01 ( 5,075 )Seat 3: Tonnor ( 1,936 )Seat 4: Cabhan ( 2,185 )Seat 5: FishCatcher ( 2,469 )Seat 6: Westunited ( 2,415 )Seat 7: gazza.p ( 2,225 )Seat 9: pippo45 ( 1,905 )Tourney Level:2 Blinds(15/30-(no ante))gazza.p posts small blind [15]pippo45 posts big blind [30]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ As, Ah ]suddes calls [30]CAPTAIN 01 raises to [135]Tonnor foldsCabhan foldsFishCatcher foldsWestunited foldsgazza.p foldspippo45 calls [105]suddes raises to [520]CAPTAIN 01 calls [385]pippo45 calls [385]** Dealing Flop ** [ 7d, 5c, Qs ]pippo45 bets [30]suddes raises to [1,400]CAPTAIN 01 raises to [2,770]pippo45 calls [1,355]pippo45 goes all-insuddes goes all-insuddes raises to [3,770]CAPTAIN 01 calls [1,000]** Showdown ** suddes shows [ As, Ah ]CAPTAIN 01 shows [ Kd, Ks ]pippo45 shows [ 7s, 7c ]** Dealing Turn ** [ Kc ]** Dealing River ** [ 8h ]** Hand Conclusion **CAPTAIN 01 wins 4,770 from side pot #1 with three of a kind, KingsCAPTAIN 01 wins 5,730 from main pot with three of a kind, Kings************ Game 437404810 ends ************

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Wow 1st weekend of the month is very kind again.

Just played 1 tourney tonight the 300$ 100k$ gtd on stars and just took it down for 22k$ which is my biggest ever win exceeding the 55k gtd pool from this time last month.

Will do proper post tomorrow :)